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The UAE Tourist Visa is Open to Apply in 2024

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UAE tourist visa and UAE visit visas is open completely for everyone now. Many kinds of restrictions on a few selected countries were imposed. Due to Covid 19 and its frequent spread around the world. About 14 South African countries are restricted to visit UAE due to this reason. UAE tourist visa open and now even banned counties can visit. The banned has been uplifted. UAE  Official authorities of National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management has stated and confirmed this. 


Tourist from India

The tourist visa for Indians is also being issued to eligible applicants for the United Arab Emirates. The travel ban has been uplifted for all Indian citizens who are completely vaccinated against COVID 19. Residents and students from India can also return to UAE. Those are vaccinated and have valid student visas or UAE Residency visas. Dubai also resumed its expo 2020 in October 2021 completely. NECDMA also stated that all the foreign residents stayed outside of UAE for more than six months. Even they can return to Dubai, or any other Emirate in UAE. 

United Arab Emirates entry condition for tourists

  • Valid and approved COVID vaccination certificate (from world health organization) of the tourist is required on arrival at UAE airport. 
  • Tourists will also have to show the Covid vaccination certificate before departure for the United Arab Emirates.
  • Only WHO-approved and recognised Covid 19 vaccine certificates can be accepted of the tourist arriving in the UAE.
  • Tourists arriving at any international airport in UAE. They have to present the RT PCR negative Covid test results. It must have been taken either within 72 hours or within 42 hours. It depends on one's nationality. The certificate must have a QR code for confirmation and verification.
  • Tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates have to validate their covid vaccination status 48 hours before their departure. Tourists have to provide passport details, travel itinerary, the purpose of visit, vaccination certificate, etc.
  • Tourists who want to travel to public places in the United Arab Emirates. They should register and upload their covid vaccination status. Either at the FAIC website or it can be done at Al Hosn App. 
  • Tourists arriving in UAE have to take a quick RT PCR COVID19 test. The result comes in about  90 minutes. Tourists can leave the airport. And wait for covid test results in their hotel.

WHO recognized Covid vaccine

  • Sinovac
  • Sputnik V
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • 3 Oxford AstraZeneca
  • Sinopharm



Travelers who are exempted from the Covid vaccine. Due to certain reasons like health issues or medical reasons. Then they do not need a vaccination certificate to enter UAE. Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from taking COVID 19 test on arrival in UAE. Visitors with medical exemption also do not have to take an arrival covid test after reaching UAE.

UAE tourist visa application process

Getting a UAE visa is the more easy and fast process now. UAE has started issuing all kinds of tourist visas to foreign nationals. Tourists from all countries can get 60 days or 30 days tourist visas. Another tourist visa type and UAE transit visa are also open now. To get an electronic visa for UAE, you can apply through UAE visa online.

  • Select Nationality
  • Select living country
  • Select the UAE visa type you have to obtain
  • Provide name, age, passport information, and all other asked information in UAE tourist visa application.
  • Upload valid scanned documents
  • Pay fees that vary according to visa type you have applied for UAE.
  • Tourists can also Track down the UAE tourist visa status.
  • Approved tourist visas to visitors will be sent on their provided email ID.



Tourists fulfilling the entry requirements and adhere to Covid guidelines. Can enter UAE through the airport with a valid UAE tourist visa. To apply for a UAE tourist visa or UAE transit visa, tourists can visit the UAE visa online website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, almost all of the major tourist spots and public attractions in Abu Dhabi ask for covid vaccination status. Tourists have to provide Covid vaccination proof to gain entry to most of the tourist places in the UAE. Tourists can do it online via the Al Hosn App. That will help them to show status to visit malls or other main tourist places in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, unvaccinated people can also visit Dubai. But they have to quarantine and would not be able to visit most of the public places in Dubai. Unvaccinated travelers from green list countries arriving at Dubai international airport. They have to take Covid 19 test. And quarantine if the result comes out to be negative. Unvaccinated travelers from countries other than green list countries. They have to mandatorily take the Covid test. And quarantine for the next 10 days on arrival.

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