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A Complete Guide About Part-time Work Permit UAE

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The UAE government made it legal for the employee to work in the United Arab Emirates for two employers. In 2010, according to the amendment in UAE labour, foreign nationals could have full-time and part-time work. Mostly full-time work timing in UAE is around 8 hours a day. If you are working less than 8 hours, it can be considered part-time work in UAE. So, there is time to apply for a part-time job that is way more flexible and comfortable. 


UAE Part-Time Work Permit

You can do part-time work in UAE only after you meet a specific requirement. You must apply for a UAE part-time work permit to work anywhere in the country as a part-time employee. The amendment in the year 2010 led to a significant shift. It became more accessible and legal for people to get two jobs simultaneously. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued the UAE part-time work permit. The work permit can be used for one year from the date of issuance. Doing a second job without a UAE part-time work permit is illegal. The expatriates can get another job with their current position, and working hours must be less than 8 hours. 

Eligibility for getting a part-time work permit in UAE

Only those Expatriates or residents are eligible:

  • Age limit - 18 years. Anyone below the age limit can't get a UAE part-time work permit
  • A valid residence visa in UAE is mandatory. You have to be a resident of the Emirates to get a part-time work permit.
  • Applicant must have a permanent job and work permit. 
  • Expatriates are also eligible for a part-time work permit if they are in UAE on a family visa.
  • Anyone holding a UAE tourist visa is not eligible for involvement in any part-time work job in the UAE.
  • If the person is over 65, they can not apply for a part-time work permit.

UAE part-time work permit requirements

To do part-time work legally in UAE. Meeting the eligibility criteria and completing the part-time work permit is also mandatory. The Requirements are as follows: your sponsor or Employer will submit the documents to MOHRE for the permit. 

  • Employee or applicant national passport copy.
  • The applicant or employee's coloured photograph (with light background and passport size).
  • A job offer letter and contract letter copy.
  • UAE residence visa copy (6 months validity).
  • Copy of Academic qualifications and certificate.
  • No objection certificate (applicant full-time Employer should know about employee part-time job).
  • Trade license copy of first full-time job and a second part-time job.


Applying for a UAE part-time work permit

The Employer is responsible for sending applications and documents related to the UAE part-time work permits. There are two ways the Employer can get a part-time work permit. First, to apply offline, employers can visit the nearest TASHEEL Services. Your Employer can choose the second easy option. To apply for a UAE part-time work permit, the Employer can go to the MOHRE online website. The Employer and the employee should also sign the agreement. To ensure that the Employer is aware of the salary and job of the part-time employee.

UAE part-time work permit fee

UAE part-time work permit application fee

AED 100

UAE part-time work permit fee

AED 500



MOHRE also allows companies to recruit part-time workers inside UAE. Under a part-time work contract, MOHRE implemented a new part-time work rule in the year 2018. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that skilled or talented people can now be recruited from outside or inside UAE. But this is limited to highly professional people. According to this contract, the part-time contract employee has the freedom to work in many UAE part-time jobs. But it should be done with the formal agreement of MOHRE. Other residents and employees also have to take UAE part-time work permits to do part-time work in UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fine of AED 50, 000 has to be paid by the company or employer for hiring a part-time work without a permit. More heavy penalties can also be imposed in case of repetitive violation.

No, residents who will do part-time work on a work visa or family visa must take approval from their full-time employer. Without the knowledge of the employer, you can not work in any second company even for a part-time job. Only in cases of highly skilled people are allowed to take a second part-time job without consent. In both cases, a MOHRE permit is mandatory. 

The validity is up to one year of the approved part-time work permit. The part-time work permit is provided to the applicant temporarily.

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