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Dubai and all other 6 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Foreign nationals who do not come under the list of visa exemptions can apply for their UAE tourist visa from UAE visa online website. One of the important entry requirements to UAE is hotel and accommodation details. Tourists traveling to the United Arab Emirates must have hotel room bookings or resort reservations for stay. Tourists traveling to the Emirates can book a place from some top luxury hotels in Dubai. From 5 stars to 7 stars in the United Arab Emirates tourist or visitors can book any type of luxurious hotel.


Top luxury hotels in UAE

If you are seeking out some best luxury hotels in UAE. A traveler who loves to spend their vacations or holiday with all luxury can stay in these luxury hotels in UAE:

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai comes under the top luxurious hotels in UAE. The Burj Al Arab provides the best luxury service as it is a 7-star luxurious hotel in UAE. This 7-star luxury hotel is built in the shape of a falcon. The Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, UAE on one of the top tourist or popular beaches "Jumeirah beach". The Burj Al Arab is unquestionably a fantastic hotel, however, some people have expressed their dissatisfaction with it. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the known world's tallest hotels and its height is about 321 meters. Tourists can feel or experience the palatial if you and the top gold finish in Dubai. A luxurious restaurant in the Burj Al Arab stands on the 28 floors hanging in mid-air. That makes this hotel unique and an icon for the best Dubai skyline in UAE.  Burj Al Arab offers the best luxurious treatment for every guest and has 142 luxury suites.

Four Seasons Resort 

The four-season resort is also located in Dubai at Jumeirah beach. It is known for its bright foyer at the magnificent seaside hotel. The Four Seasons hotel combines classic Four Seasons designs which include top designs including gold-leaf ceilings, glittering mosaics, and the Mable floor inspired by the middle eastern elements. The complementary drinks like blueberry muffins, melon bowls, etc at the stylish beach in four seasons resort.


Bulgari resort Dubai

The Bulgari resort and residence in Dubai is one of the top luxury hotels in the UAE. This hotel will be one of the best options for tourists as it is built in the Jumeirah bay area. Tourists often select this hotel because of its beautiful outdoor pool and beach club with views of the Burj Khalifa. The Bulgari resort also provides luxury specialties including a lavish spa. The Bulgari hotel covers an area of 158000 square meters. The Bulgari resort was designed exclusively by Antonio Citterio Patricia Vie which is one of the renowned architecture team.

Jumeirah Al Naseem

If you are looking for a hotel that is completely based on the Arabian luxurious lifestyle. Then the Jumeirah Al Naseem can be one of the best hotels in UAE. The architecture and elements of the hotel are influenced by Bedouin tradition, Arabian desert styles like dunes and sand breezes. Luxury treatment and facilities like Wild Wadi WaterparkTM, spa, and fitness center.  Burj Al Arab is visible from inside the hotel rooms of Jumeirah Al Naseem.

Rosewood hotel in Abu Dhabi

The rosewood hotel is a luxurious hotel in UAE which is influenced by the Arabian Gulf. Foreign travelers can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and an elegant aesthetic world inside the hotel. Rosewood hotel is a five-star hotel near the Al Maryah area. It features a modern 34-story waterslide tower. 

Taj hotel

Taj hotel in Dubai is the top best luxury hotel in UAE.  Look and structure is inspired by Indian architecture. The Taj hotel in Dubai has around 3000 Indian artworks. Ayurvedic therapies services, gym, four-poster cabanas with leg cushions.

Chedi Al Bait

Chedi Al Bait in Sharjah depicts the history of the UAE. The Chedi Al Bait hotel contains 53 luxurious rooms for tourists. Visitors can know about the traditional Beauty secrets of the middle eastern part at the spa that resided inside the hotel. 



Tourists looking for the top luxury hotel in UAE have several options. Tourists will receive luxurious and best amenities at these hotels. More options are available for the top luxurious hotel in UAE which are Meyden hotel, Sofitel Palm Resort, Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, etc.

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Yes, tourists must Book a hotel or a resort to visit the country for accommodation.

The most luxurious and expensive hotel in Dubai is Burj Al Arab. 

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