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Renew Mobile Registration in UAE Etisalat UAE

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As one of the most developed countries in the region, the United Arab Emirates has enabled the best of all services for the benefit of all its citizens. This includes all modern facilities such as world-class infrastructure, education, and telecommunication services, among numerous other things. Back in 2011, there were almost 18 million mobile subscribers in the UAE, while 70% of the population had access to internet services. After the digital revolution in the mid-2010s, when social media exploded, the number is likely to have gone up. Suppose you have an Etisalat Mobile Connection in the UAE and are looking for how to Renew your Mobile Registration in UAE for Etisalat. In that case, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 

Etisalat UAE

Etisalat Telecommunications Group Company is an Emirates-based telecom service provider that predominantly operates in the middle east and is the world's 14th largest mobile network operator. With a 60% share in the company, The Emirati Government is the primary stakeholder in Etisalat. In 44 years, the company has expanded to international markets, becoming a multi-billion corporation serving about 167 million customers today. In the UAE Etisalat offers services such as Mobile Carrier Plans, Wi-Fi, and Broadband Plans with associations from the leading Mobile manufacturers worldwide. 

Renewing Etisalat Mobile Registration

As per the policy laid down by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), the registration for all Etisalat mobile numbers used in the UAE must be renewed. This is to be done by updating the profiles of all connection holders with valid and up-to-date ID details. 
The connection holders have to update their details along with the valid ID Details and specify the mobile number(s) they wish to continue using. In case of multiple connections, that is, various SIM cards owned by one person, they have to specify all the mobile numbers under their name that they wish to renew and continue to use. 
The connections for which registration is not renewed will be discontinued by the termination of the relationship. The renewal process has been declared mandatory for all users.

How to Renew Etisalat Mobile Registration in UAE?

There are two methods of renewing the Etisalat Application process, which the connection holders can use at their convenience. These are:

1. My Etisalat UAE App

2. Outlets and Payment Machines


The My Etisalat UAE App is an online application on various platforms allowing customers to use self-care services. It can be downloaded on mobile devices or accessed through Etisalat's official website. On the application, you must log in with your username and password, which can be recovered using the links on the page. Once successfully logged in, you can search for the ‘Renew Registration’ option from the My Account Menu. The application might ask you to enter specific details, such as your Primary Mobile Number, which you must provide. After that, it will list all the Etisalat Mobile Connections registered in your name. You can check the set of Mobile connections you wish to renew and go to the next step. Here you will be required to upload soft copies of the identity verification documents, after which the process will be complete. The link to the website-based application is here, while the mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 
The same services can be availed from any of the Etisalat Stores present across the Emirates. 

Documents Required for Renewal

The type of documents required to be submitted for renewal depends on the kind of connection holder. For a UAE National, the document required will be the Original Valid Emirates ID for a GCC National, Original Emirates ID or original valid GCC ID or original valid GCC Passport. A UAE Resident will also require their original Emirates ID. The People of Determination, people with special needs or disabilities will require People of Determination Card in addition to their Emirates ID. Lastly, Government and Business Entities will require a government decree or valid establishment card, a valid trade license, and the original valid Emirates ID of the authorized person. 
The validity of the registered mobile number(s) will be extended only in the period of validity of the ID. Beyond the period of validity of the ID, the renewal process will be required to be repeated, failing which might result in suspension and disconnection of the associated mobile numbers. Etisalat will send a reminder SMS to remind you about the renewal process. 
Buying a mobile connection is often the first thing that a citizen does upon entering any country. The renewal process has been made highly convenient for the customers and can be done within a few minutes if you have the documents. If you require help with your UAE visa, you can visit UAE Visa Online and avail of world-class services. 

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