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The 2019 pandemic brought uninvited restrictions on tourism and was accompanied by a lockdown in many countries all over the world. But after the launch of COVID 19 vaccines, the death rate due to corona has decreased. Vaccination against COVID 19 is the only solution to stop the increase in the number of infected rates. COVID 19 vaccine in UAE or United Arab Emirates is now available for citizens and residents of the country. The health organizations of the United Arab Emirates and almost every country is paying attention to develop the herd immunity of the people against COVID 19 or Corona Virus. Therefore, the UAE government has also started several COVID 19 vaccination programs in UAE for people. 


How many COVID 19 vaccines are available in the United Arab Emirates for the public?

The government in UAE country, has approved and allowed the use of at least five vaccines in the country for people. Citizens or residents can get COVID 19 vaccine in UAE and are free to select from the four options.  The four vaccines which have arrived in UAE for COVID 19 vaccination program are:

  • Sinopharm COVID 19 vaccination in UAE
  • Pfizer COVID 19 vaccination in UAE
  • Sputnik V,  the Russian COVID 19 vaccination in UAE
  • Covishield COVID 19 vaccination in UAE

Procedure to register or to get COVID 19 vaccine in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE residents and the UAE citizens can make a vaccine appointment or arrange one online. COVID 19 vaccination for UAE can be done through DHA (Dubai Health Authority) app.

Steps to register.

  • Log in For scheduling an appointment for COVID 19 vaccination in UAE, log in be using your DHA account ID or you can also use the UAE card or pass.
  • Select- Choose the COVID 19 Vaccine after log in.
  • Give information asked, to ensure that you are eligible or not.
  • You can select the closest or nearest DHA covid 19 vaccine center. 
  • Arrange an appointment and time, after registration you will also receive the message with detailed information about the appointment.

You can also register your appointment for COVID 19 vaccination in UAE from  Al Ittihad Health Center.

Residents, citizens of the UAE, and other qualified individuals can arrange appointments from the apps like

  • COVID-19 UAE app 
  •  the SEHA app.


Sinopharm Vaccine in UAE

The Sinopharm vaccine can easily be found at the medical clinics and hospitals in UAE. The Sinopharm COVID vaccine was registered in December by the MOHAP or also known as the Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE. You can get your Sinopharm vaccine dose from the COVID 19 vaccination centers organized by the Ministry of Health and Prevention all over the UAE. Vaccine or dose of the Sinopharm vaccine without scheduling an appointment. Sinopharm vaccines can also be taken from the SEHA's (Abu Dhabi Health Services) clinic  SEHA COVID vaccination centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Cost- You do not have to pay for the Sinopharm COVID 19 vaccine in the United Arab Emirates. 

 Pfizer COVID 19 vaccination in UAE

Pfizer or Pfizer BioNTech is available for 16 years and above in the United Arab Emirates. The MOHAP has alsp approved or allowed the use of this vaccine in the UAE. And the Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine comprises of two doses with 21 days gap in between. The Dubai Health Authority in the UAE has started Pfizer COVID 19 vaccination program in UAE, free of cost. The residents, ex-pats, and citizens in UAE can schedule their appointment from the DHA app or website. 

Sputnik V COVID 19 vaccination in UAE

The UAE government accepted and approved the emergency. This Sputnik V Russian vaccine is an mRNA vaccine and its efficiency against COVID 19 is 97.6%.  The Sputnik V COVID vaccine is highly efficient because it is based on a human adenovirus vector platform.

Covishield COVID 19 vaccination in UAE

Covishield or Oxford-AstraZeneca’s is available at some centers and vaccination points in the United Arab Emirates. 


COVID 19 vaccination in UAE for the children

The MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention) also allowed children from 12 to 15 years to get vaccinated in UAE. In May the UAE government approved the use of the COVID 19 vaccine for Children. The Pfizer vaccine is available for children under 17 years of age and above 11 years of age but for emergency use only.

The Vaccination appointment for COVID 19 vaccine in the UAE for children can be made through the DHA app. Eligible children's for Pfizer COVID 19 vaccination in UAE are:

  • Age limit- 12 to 15 years.
  • If the child is suffering from any chronic disease.

If the children have tested positive for COVID 19 then they will not be considered eligible for Covid 19 vaccination in UAE. Children affected with severe allergic diseases are also not eligible.


The COVID 19 vaccination in UAE is now available and open for residents and to take safety measures and precautions against Corona in time.

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