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The Orange Carpet Visa Facility in the United Arab Emirates

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The “orange carpet visa facility in the United Arab Emirates” under this facility, provides visas for people who want the visa for business purposes. There are criteria for the people who want their company to register under the program “Orange Carpet Visa facility in the United Arab Emirates”. They have the benefit of getting registered under this scheme.

People who get their company registered under this scheme their employees will get the benefits from this scheme. The procedure takes a total processing time of around 15 days, and the benefits provided by the system will be given by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi or the consulate general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dubai.

For applying for the orange carpet application, they can submit their application through a representative; they can submit their visa application. They can also apply for the Tourist Visa Online and are exempted from appearing directly at the Embassy for the application. They also have to give their fingerprints or have given them at the time of the Schengen Embassy, but this has to be done in the past 59 months.

The people who want to apply for the “Orange carpet application” can apply for the same without any prior appointment. They need to present during office hours; the time of submission is 9:00 to 12:00 hours on Sunday to Thursday.

The applicant must provide the fingerprints at the time of the Schengen visa application, which must have been done in the past 59 months, which is 4 years and 12 months.

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Advantages of the Orange Carpet Visa facility:

The Orange Carpet Visa Facility has its advantages and benefits. The benefits of this facility are listed below:

  • Priority

The UAE Visa Online will prioritize applicants of The orange carpet visa, and the applicants will have direct access to submission of their applications without any prior previous applications submitted.

  • No need for the Many documents

The orange carpet applicant can apply for the visa without any supporting documents, which the regular applicant requires. They don’t need to submit proof of the Itinerary or hotel reservation Insurance or any financial proof of the person.

  • Longer validity than normal visa

The applicant for the orange carpet gets the visa with a longer validity than the normal visa. They get the UAE visa for 5 years and access with multiple entries, meaning they can re-enter the country as often as they want in 5 years.

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Documents required for the Orange Carpet visa application

Some essential documents necessary for all the applicants for The Orange Carpet Visa are mentioned below:

  • Completed sign application

The applicant must have their Schengen application form signed ultimately. In all states, they must get their visa application form signed.

  • Blank pages in Passport

The applicant must have at least 2 blank pages in there, which need to be signed for the entry and exit stamps of the country.

  • Travel documents

The applicant must have the travel documents and a copy of the data page of the visa, have a visa recognized by the Schengen states and issued within 10 years, and have a validity of at least 3 months.

  • Passport sized photograph

The applicant must carry the passport photo, which must not be older than 6 months, and the dimensions of the photo must be 35mm – 40 mm; the image must be taken in light blue or grey in the background, the full face must be visible with the ears of the applicant. The applicant must not be wearing any sunglasses; these are the requirements same as the Schengen photo requirements.

  • Address proof of the applicant.

The applicant must provide proof of residence proof in the country they are living in or any other legal status of the applicant of the person living in the country.

  • Visa fees

The applicant must pay the visa fees and the UAE visa online service fees of the visa.

Other Important Documents:

 The applicant must submit some essential documents at the Tourist Visa Online counter. The documents are:

  • Duly signed cover page

The applicant gets the cover letter signed by the company they are working in, or they can contact anyone in the Orange Carpet program.

That they guarantee all the expenses, and they can get all the medical expenses covered

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  • Any person coming with them

If any spouse or child is coming with them, they need to give all the person's details and a guarantee letter to the person, which must be included in the cover letter.

  • Letter from the company

The applicant must provide them with the company logo, which will indicate the purpose of their visit, which must not be tourism.

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