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How to Renew your Philippine Passport in the UAE

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Many foreign nationals live in UAE, which is considered one of the safest nations. Philippines nationals also live in UAE in large numbers on employment visas, freelancer visas, residency visas, student visas, etc. Going back to the Philippines for passport renewal every time is impossible. It is convenient if the person can apply for a Philipines passport in UAE. Every ex-pat staying in UAE on a residency visa needs a valid passport. Therefore after the validity ends, the Philippines residing in UAE must renew their passport on time. Philippine nations living in UAE should also handle documents like residency visas. The Emirates ID, passport and Residency visa of every Philippine national must be valid.


Where to apply for Philippine passport renewal in UAE

Philippine nationals do not have to leave UAE to renew their passports. Philippine residents in UAE can apply for passport renewal only from two places inside UAE. Filipino ex-pats if they are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Then they can get their passport renewed in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Expats who are staying in other UAE cities have to travel to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Philippine passport renewal in UAE can be done:

  • From the central Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi.
  • Or from Philipine Consultate General Dubai

Documents required for Philippines passport renewal in UAE

Specific requirements and records are needed to renew a Philippine passport in UAE. The list of documents required in Abu Dhabi varies slightly from Dubai.


  • Original Philippine passport.
  • Copy of email confirmation of the embassy employment, including QR code. Keep copies of the passport data page. 
  • As well as the visa page copy.
  • Applicatemailorm 
  • Fee for Philippine passport renewal.
  • Applicants have to visit the Philippine Dubai consultant's embassy in person.
  • Civil registration document- Birth certificate or marriage certificate approved by DFA. 


Abu Dhabi

  • Confirm appointment.
  • Philippine renewal application form.
  • Original passport.
  • Copy of passport bio page
  • Fee

Philippine passport renewal process in Dubai

Renewing a Philippine passport in Dubai can be done from the consulate office. Steps are:

  • Online appointment: Firstly, for Philippine passport renewal in Dubai. Applicants have to book appointments with the consulate general online. Book a meeting about 1 to 10 months before your Philippine passport expires. To book the appointment-
  1. Visit the Philippine Consulate's available website to book an appointment for passport renewal in Dubai.
  2. Register and then fill in the information in the Philippine passport renewal form
  3. And confirm the appointment.
  4. Take the printout of your appointment e-mail confirmation.
  5. Document- Before visiting Philippine Consulate GeneremailDubai, check you have all the documents for passport renewal.
  6. Visit PCG in Dubai (Philipine Consultate General). For a Philippine passport renewal in Dubai, go to the consulate with all the documents and your current passport. Ensure you reach the consulate 10 to 15 minutes early to avoid the last-minute rush. 
  7. Passport collection- After the processing is done and the renewal. The Philippines can collect it from the Philippine Consulate office in Dubai.

Philippine passport renewal process in Abu Dhabi

Philippine nationals in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi can visit the Philippine embassy. Don't directly visit the embassy. First, schedule an appointment with the Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi. For Philippine passport renewal in Abu Dhabi, follow the simple steps;

  • Book or schedule online appointments- Filipino ex-pats in Abu Dhabi must fix an appointment for passport renewal in Abu Dhabi.
  • Document- Prepare documents and a copy of your visa and current passport.
  • Attend appointment- Go to the Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi on time on the scheduled date with all the documents.
  • Submit passport and e-passport application. Pay the fee for renewing Philippine passport.
  • Collect token- After ensuring the details and document are correct, they will call. You have to wait there until the authorities ensure there are no errors.
  • Biometrics and capturing should be done after the final payment.
  • Collect renewed passport- Philippine embassy will contact you once the passport is renewed and ready.



The appointment for Philippine passport renewal in UAE must be scheduled online before going to the consulate or embassy. There are minor differences in steps and requirements for Philippine passport renewal in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Renewing a passport is essential even for residents in UAE. Philippines visiting UAE for the first time or a vacation can get a tourist visa via UAE visa online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not go for collection of renewed passport in Dubai. Then, your friend can collect new passport. Your friend should submit important documents like applicant old passport and authorized letter.

Individual who want to renew their Philipine passport in UAE have to pay passport renewal charge that is AED 240. You don't have to pay service charge if you are booking appointment in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for passport renewal.

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