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Everything You Need To Know About Palm Tower Dubai

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Dubai has many attractions like Burj Khalifa, sand skiing, and food, but something else in that place makes it a bucket list item. Palm Tower, Dubai, has created a considerable tourist attraction there, and people would literarily come for this hotel and book in to rejuvenate in luxury. 
This five-star hotel is a magnet to many rich-class travellers, and a lifetime experience is a must for this hotel. 

What is so special about this Palm Tower? 

Dubai’s ragging new skyscraper is a hotspot for many vacation lovers: Palm Jumeirah. It is a luxury five-star hotel with the top services and culinary options and a jaw-dropping swimming pool with infinity. 

1. The St Regis Dubai, The Palm  

This occupies the first 18 floors of The Palm Tower and welcomes the guests with open arms of warmth and hospitality. Inside the beautiful tower lies 290 elegantly designed guest rooms, two infinity pools with picturesque views over the Palm Jumeirah, the Iridium Spa, and a lavish ballroom. 


2. Up top of the skyscraper lies an impressive dining and leisure spot. 

The 50th floor of The Palm Tower will offer guests even more options for fine dining, relaxation, and stunning city views. It will be home to the AURA Sky Pool, complete with a 360-degree infinity pool and the Dubaier Outpost of Sushisamba (pictured above). Fusion dishes honouring Peruvian, Japanese, and Brazilian cuisines on Level 51. On the top floor, guests will find The View At The Palm, a public observatory open to visitors beginning April 7, 2021. 

3. Direct access to Nakheel Mall for all those Shopaholics 

Home to an array of 350 shops, plus a 15-display screen cinema and a variety of family-pleasant enjoyment activities, there’s something for everybody only a brief walk away. For foodies, a brand new 12-choice rooftop eating vacation spot atop the mall will beautify the vacation spot as a culinary hotspot. 

4. With Luxurious apartments that allow residents to live where the land meets the sky 

Approximately 432 luxury apartments are located on floors 19 to 47 of The Palm Tower, ideally between the St. Regis Hotel and the exciting rooftop attractions. The Palm Tower Residences are fully furnished and scheduled for delivery with the rest of the tower this October. 

5. 52nd Floor Observation Deck 

The remark deck is placed on the 52nd land of the Palm Tower and aptly titled The View. It boasts a unique vantage factor from wherein you can see the long-lasting Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Sea, and the city’s skyline.  

6. 54th Floor Next Level 

This barrierless viewing platform on Palm Jumeirah gives unobstructed 360° views. Tickets for the Next Level are separate and barely extra expensive; however, clearly really well worth it!  


7. The Lounge 

In addition, beautifying your viewing enjoyment is a one-of-a-type highly-priced front room on the 52nd ground. From 240 m above ground, bask in a delicious meal and drink whilst you, without problems, revel in the stunning view.  

8. Smart Edu-tainment 

The Palm Jumeirah is in itself a remarkable architectural feat. When you go to The View via interactive exhibitions, you’ll get to examine diverse tales of the technicalities of this engineering surprise that comment on all senses. 

9. Exclusive Events

The remark deck will feature each as an appeal and an area for non-public occasions attributable to its bendy place. One can host non-public birthday parties, conferences, company and network events, or style indicates primarily based on requirements.  

10. Extreme Thrills 

One of the primary points of interest whilst touring The View will be the Palm Jumeirah zip-line, touted to be the longest in Dubai whilst completed. It might be the quantity to fly over Palm Jumeirah, imparting the lovely views. 



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