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nightlife in dubai

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Do you like dancing with the disco lights or gaze at the stars at midnight? If yes, then Dubai could be the perfect destination for your travel. The nightlife in Dubai will entertain you to the core. To enjoy the night around the city, there are plenty of activities that you can try your hands on. You have yet to see the brilliant colors of the city at night that will send you into awe.

The city has a great environment to host safe events that can be enjoyed. Read this article till the end to know more on what to see in Dubai after the sun sets.


You will be able to enjoy the bright palette inside this city during the dark hours. It has activities for travelers of all kinds. Where you are someone who wants to have some fun, or wants to explore the city culturally. We have curated the best list you can ever get to spend the night the best way.


If you are searching for some fun, then read below to find the activities for that adrenaline rush that you have been craving for.


Tap your feet and get high with the spirits around some of the best clubs in Dubai with your party mates. The clubs here stay open till 3 AM, while the bar stays open till 1 am. The entry is restricted to people over the age of 25, but the legal drinking age is 21, and you will find certain clubs adhering to this rule. Also, make sure to drink responsibly. Drunken driving is strictly intolerant here; hence, make sure to book a cab after you are done. Indulge into this fun and enjoy your Dubai adult life.

Some of the best night clubs: Club 360, Chi@The Lodge, Nasimi Lodge, Trilogy, People by Crystal.


The sea gets even thriller as the sun sets. Remember that diving deep into the sea during the dark hours is not a thing for a faint hearted. It would take a lot of courage, and make sure that you have enough of that. The east coast of the city is the favorite spot for the divers because of the crystal clear water current. You can find varied types and species of fishes, turtles, etc having a good night’s sleep inside there.

You should note that this activity is also taken by professional divers certified by the PADI. This diving activity is carried for 45-50 minutes and the participants are requested to carry their own swimwear.

Where: Fujairah


When the lambent moonlight touches the woods and you ride on a horse through the immense wildlife parks and the sandy forests covered with trees, just imagine the experience. This 90 minutes horse riding activity will mesmerize you like nothing else. You will be accompanied by an instructor who will ensure your safety.

Where: Mushrif Equestrian Club, Mushrif Park.

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If you are a culture freak, and want to unravel the uniqueness of the country and take a look at these cultural attractions in Dubai.


The rugged deserts of the city are exciting, and you cannot walk outside of the city without having experienced them. The safari gets even alluring under the star filled sky. You will get the perfect vibe sitting with the view along with Arabian culture. Enjoy the delicious dinner and make yourself a part of several activities.

Best place to enjoy night desert safari: Liwa desert.


You will feel this magnificent joy when you step into the colorfully lit dhow cruise. Along with the lighting, the dinner will amaze you with its deliciousness. You can also view the spectacular skyline over old Dubai. The cruise is full of life inside with live performing shows that you can enjoy.

Where: Deira Creek

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If you are someone who likes to plan a retreat to enliven and enjoy your time in the city, then there are some great things to do in Dubai.


Do stars amaze you? If yes, then you have to try this activity. This group gathers together to witness some celestial events like Saturn opposition, mercury transit, mars opposition, and other things. For the people in love with astronomy, this is the perfect thing that you can try. You will have to fill out the registration form online to take part.


Refresh your mind and soul under the moonlit sky. Those longing for peace can step aside from the hustle and bustle and enjoy this yoga session beside the Arabian gulf, and the Burj Al Arab. The moon emits strong and efficient power to the bodies, according to the Vedas.

Where: Talise Spa.

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If you are someone who likes to explore the city at night, then there are lots of best places in Dubai to encounter.


This famous site goes unannounced every time people talk about the places to visit inside the city. The most famous destination is best at night. Experience the glittering city by visiting the at the top view here and enjoy to your best senses.


What to see in Dubai at night? Well, there are a lot of things. Enjoy the heart stealing sights at the dark hours by hiring an English speaking tour guide and enjoy exploring the top attractions around the city.

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UAE is a conservative country, but when it comes to nightclubs or bars, you can wear short clothes as per your choice. Remember that the people who try to enter wearing extremely casual clothes are denied entry.


Most clubs around the city open at 10 PM and operate till 3 AM. You should note that Friday and Saturday are considered weekends in the Gulf countries, hence, make prior reservations.


The country has very strict rules for drinking and driving. Hence, after you are done partying make sure to order a cab and do not drive yourself. Make sure to carry your ID card as most clubs allow people over the age of 25 only. Entry is not granted without possessing one. 

So nightlife in Dubai is not only restricted to the party animals, but also to various other travelers who want to enjoy the dark hours in their own way. Wait no more. Just pack your bags and get ready for a crazy vacation in the Emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many things that you can enjoy in Dubai nightlife such as: -

1. The Dubai Fountains may be seen at the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Fountain show may be seen at any time of day, but it is particularly impressive at night. You don't have to pay to enjoy it; simply stroll around the lake outside Dubai Mall and watch the free shows.

2. Go to a public beach to watch the sunset.

In Dubai, numerous excellent public beaches are ideal for a sundowner picnic and drink. Just remember to clean up after yourselves and don't make a racket!

3. Go window shopping at the Dubai Mall

You may not have the financial means to spend at Tiffany, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, or Chanel in the Dubai Mall, but there's no harm in window shopping, right? The Dubai Mall is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

4. Take in the sights and sounds of Global Village.

Every season, millions of visitors go to this massive outdoor market-turned-funfair, which is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai at night. Add it to your Dubai at night bucket list if you have children.

5. Take a camping trip

This is one of the nicest things to do in Dubai at night, and it doesn't have to be expensive if you have the correct equipment. Fortunately, if you travel at the right time of year, you won't need much gear – just a tent, sleeping bag, and firewood (with some nice barbeque food, of course) will suffice.

6. Book a full moon yoga class at Madinat Jumeirah's Talise Spa:

Why take a hot yoga class in a stuffy studio when you can do it beneath the stars? The cost per person starts at roughly AED95.

7. Take in the vista from the Burj Khalifa's top:

From the top of the Burj, you can get an exclusive night view of the city, including illuminated buildings, fountains, a creek, and fast-moving automobiles on the highway. At 11:30 p.m., the last entry was made.

You can stay at a hotel which will provide also nightclub inside the hotel i.e.  Raffles Dubai, grand plaza Moven pick media City, hotel Indigo Dubai downtown (an IHG hotel)

Some of the 5-star hotels where you can enjoy night sightseeing views:

Shangri-La Hotels:

Shangri-La Hotels have a world-class reputation for being one of the most sophisticated and trustworthy lodgings. The Sheikh Zayed Road branch in Dubai is a 5-star hotel conveniently positioned 10 minutes from key attractions such as the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. One of the nicest aspects of this Shangri-La location is the extensive range of eating and bar options. They also provide a nightclub and a variety of activities for individuals who want to experience a fun night-time.

Oberoi’s hotel:

The Oberoi's dining selections are also rather extensive, as it serves a variety of different cuisines, with a focus on Indian cuisine. The Oberoi is the greatest hotel in Dubai for nightlife if you want a night of fun and excitement. Dubai Mall, Business Bay, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Emaar Square are all within a few minutes drive of this location.

Grand Hyatt Hotel:

The Grand Hyatt also has a nightclub with a DJ, so you can stay up all night dancing.

The Marina is the best place to stay in Dubai if you want to go out at night.

The Dubai Marina district is a bustling and energetic area. This Dubai suburb, located south of Jumeirah and adjacent to the Palm, is a popular tourist destination with contemporary restaurants, breathtaking views, and upmarket shopping and entertainment. It's the ideal spot for a day or night spent lazing on the beach, perusing the streets, or admiring the city's breath-taking skyline vistas.

The Marina is also home to some of the city's most exciting nightlife.

It is a pricey venue to party, but the atmosphere, ambience, and hospitality are well worth it. The trendy lounge, terrace zone, and main club area are all great places to dance, relax, and take up the atmosphere. You will enjoy the meals and beverages served here.

During Ramadan, bars will be open but you are not allowed to do clubbing because clubs are mostly closed during Ramadan, but they will be quieter and will not play any music, live or recorded. Once the sun sets, however, you can still grab a drink.

The city features a range of cafes and restaurants with romantic atmospheres and beautiful views, perfect for bringing your date and enjoying a relaxing time.

  • Madinat Jumeirah, Pierchic:

Pierchic is without a doubt one of the most romantic spots to go on a date.

Pierchic is perched on its private pier in the Arabian Sea, thus its idyllic environment makes for a romantic setting. Pierchic makes you an irresistible offer with soothing music on the deck, the sound of the water washing against the shore, and the cosy setting.

  • Beach Villa:

The Villa Beach exudes pleasant energy and a romantic ambiance. You can top it off with delicious meals and friendly service. As you sit across from the Burj al Arab, bury your feet in the chilly sand while taking in the sea view.

  • Themed waterpark:

Spending a full day with your loved one is incredibly romantic, so make the most of it by visiting one of the two waterparks in the area: Aqua venture and Wild Wadi. Both are themed water parks where you may have infinite fun while sliding down outrageous and inventive slides. Aqua ventures include 'The Leap of Faith,' where you are in very close proximity with man-eating sharks, and Wild Wadi has a surfing simulator. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, then visit Dubai's Water Parks to experience adventure and thrill in their purest form.

  • In a Hot Air Balloon, Romantic Moments:

A desert is a magnificent area, especially during the golden hours, so take advantage of it. You might even see native creatures like oryx, gazelle, and camels roaming around if you're lucky. There's something special about visiting a region that hasn't been touched by human activity, and seeing life in a desert by hot air balloon is a unique experience.

You can enjoy the nightlife on Friday by visiting few places in Dubai i.e.

  • Ski Dubai at Emirates Mall – For Beating the Heat Dubai Aquarium 
  • Dubai Marine Life - Underwater Zoo
  • The Burj Khalifa is a must-see for adrenaline junkies.
  • Dubai Creek - For peace
  • The Dubai Fountains are known for their spectacular light and sound show.
  • The Madinat Theatre - For a Musically Harmonious Evening
  • For an authentic experience, visit the Arabian Desert.
  • For Lit Cityscapes, visit Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk and Dubai Marina.
  • Lost Chambers is a great place to go if you enjoy water sports.

Yes, it is lot of fun things to do at night in UAE.

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