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what you should know about miracle garden in uae

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When visitors encounter the term "garden," their mind immediately goes to the springtime season and a tranquil location that is decorated with a million various hues, pigeons that coo, butterflies that joyously flap their brilliant wing tips, dandelions and blossoms that peek through the lawn, and a broad clear blue skies above that magnifies the abundance of the color schemes. There really is a garden similar to that,  not dreaming any of this up! The Dubai Miracle Garden is really special and unique the biggest natural beautiful garden on the planet, with a collection of more than 45 million individual blooms. Everything that you desire to understand regarding it is included here. 

The Dubai Miracle Paradise is a stunning park of flowers that was created in the desert, and its opening ceremony took place on Valentine's Day in 2013. The garden was given its official title in 2013. It claims to be the biggest flower park on the globe, and it covers an area of 72,000 square meters and has more than 45 million different kinds of flowers on exhibit. Every year, there are around 1.5 million people that visit the garden. 

The most astounding thing about such a park is that the floral designs are altered according to the changing of the seasons so that tourists can always count on having a unique encounter when they come to visit. The Emirates Airbus A380, enlarged to reality, is the centerpiece of the most impressive attraction at Dubai Miracle Garden. In 2016, the flower arrangement aboard the aircraft was recognized as the "biggest floral display" by the "Guinness Book of World Records." 


 This astonishing garden will mesmerize you with its beauty and vibrant colours and here are listed a few of the things that you would experience at Dubai Miracle Garden

UAE Airbus A380

At the greenhouses of Dubai Miracle Garden, the flora and flowers that were utilized for the aircraft had been sustainably picked and produced over the course of more than four months. Petunias, marigolds, violas, geraniums, and snapdragons, among other types of flowers, are among those that contribute to its stunning appearance. The construction of this marvel required over 200 staff members and lasted for approximately 180 days. 

Burj Khalifa

 2014 saw the construction of this stunning floral interpretation of the Burj Khalifa. Within the confines of this tower, several subtle but observable improvements have been made. There are just petunias and marigolds at the foot of the tower. 

Umbrella Roof

This umbrella canopy at Miracle Garden Dubai is a wonderful complement to the attraction since it provides a visual treat. On days when the sun is very strong, this canopy tunnel will offer shade for the guests. The 14th of February, 2013, was the day it was first shown, and it has since become an integral feature of this landscape. 


Archway in the Shape of a Heart Pathway

The heart-shaped archway passageway is among the first items that come to the minds of tourists since it is the structure that receives the most attention in Dubai Miracle Park. As you make your way through the hundreds of blooms that make up this corridor, you can sense the fragrance of those blooms. In addition to that, it serves as the ideal backdrop for all of those intimate Valentine's Day photographs. 

Cottages and Bungalows Adorned with Flowers

The vibrant bungalows and homes that are scattered around Dubai Miracle Garden contribute to the overall stunning beauty of the setting. These constructions, are composed of millions of individual blooms and are dispersed throughout the garden: At first glance, one can even have the feeling that they are in a fantasy realm. The garden has a variety of distinct houses and bungalows. 

Floral Train

This flowery train is a magnificent complement to Dubai Miracle Garden since it is capable of transporting millions of blooms in its bogies. The engine and the bogies of this train give it the appearance of being completely authentic. 

Floral Peacock

This flowery peacock is adorned with a wide assortment of flowers, giving it the appearance of a three-dimensional picture. The building that resembles a peacock is an emblem of power and dignity. 

The Flower Girl

At Dubai Miracle Garden, one of the monuments that draw the most attention is called the flower woman. In the park, there are two different kinds of flower women: one wears a hat, and the other does not. These stunning women have hundreds of flowers adorning their bodies at this very moment. 

Automobiles Partially Buried

Tourists are often taken aback by the partially buried automobiles. These vehicles have been arranged in a line that is perfectly straight so that guests may see them from any direction. All of these vehicles that have been partially submerged are tilted at an angle of eighty degrees, creating the illusion that they are swimming underground. The idea of a "buried automobile" is an excellent illustration of how spare material can be used in a spectacular manner, and it's a wonderful notion. 

An Extreme Close-Up of the Dubai Miracle Garden

This is an overhead perspective of the park, which has a total size of more than 780,000 square feet. Doesn't it seem to be very breathtaking? To tell you the truth, every tourist destination in Dubai is really fantastic! 



The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of those things that cannot be adequately described using words; it is something that must be seen firsthand in order to be understood. You may learn more about the tourist attractions, fascinating things to do, and other aspects of the country by consulting our destination guide for Dubai. 

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The Dubai Miracle Garden is really special and unique the biggest natural beautiful garden on the planet, with a collection of more than 45 million individual blooms.

UAE Visa Online is a perfect platform, if you wish to visit this fascinating garden then do not forget to get your visa from here as they provide promising services and provides e visa within no time.  

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