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All About Maternity Leave in UAE

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UAE Maternity Leave

Now coming to the maternal Leave point of view, the UAE embassy, those taking maternal leave from their workspace are legally eligible to do that for 60 days. Now coming to the paid status of the work field during that maternal leave period.

  • For the first 45 days, the companies are duty-bound to give total payments.
  • In the later 15 days, the companies will give half the payments.
  • It has been advisable that the female employees taking maternal leave must take 30 days before their delivery due date.
  • It has also been mentioned that the applicant can take more than 60 days to leave, must they will not receive any salary.
  • This period is told as an unstable resumed work period.
  • The due period prescribed document is required along with medical certifications, and must take consecutive attendance to get a better acknowledgement facility.
  • The company will allot 6 months waiting period for the applicant to join the job after their Maternal period ends.
  • The women and men have at this moment faced any medical illness other than maternal leave; the company has been bound to give the rest as the UAE embassy has passed a law that they must be given 30 days due time and fully paid to the labour workers and employees.
  • For nursing, their child women are provided one month’s additional period.
  • This entire thing falls under the UAE labour laws and regulatory acts. The UAE medical firm authorities here take all the rules. And this must be followed by all the private sector firms and companies for the consecutive and intermediate terms and conditions.


How Many Days Maternity Leave In UAE

Now coming to the maternal paid offered period that the females will receive from the company is

  • 45 days the companies are duty-bound to give total payments
  • And the other half of the 15 days, the companies will provide half prices.
  • The women are eligible to take 6 months leave from this prescribed period, but the employee will not receive any payments for that period.
  • Must submit all the doctor prescriptions for the evidence records
  • Must report the pregnancy restrictions and legislations to the company authorities as a record of evidence.

Maternity Leave Law

  • The maternity proof must be counted only if the medical reports and health certifications evidence are provided
  • As per the given facts of the UAE embassy legislation enforcement, it has been mandatory to enforce a pension system for maternal females during the 45-day span.
  • A nursery health report of the newborn is required to check whether the baby is alive or dead. 
  • If some employees are enrolled in their post during the employee's maternal leave, then they can only work for that span until the employee is back from her maternal duration.
  • If the woman is appealing for maternity leave, the company cannot oppose it or cancel the employee's candidature.
  • Terminals cannot be recruited or proceedings.
  • Employees are legalized to take commencing and deprived leave
  • Only submit the original health copy records to the maternal period to the company firms.

Work Visa

The UAE embassy has prioritized this visa conditioning for those foreign nationalists who need a legal permit to work in the UAE country. Usually, the work visa permits for 1 year. It can be renewed and extended. 

The work visa permits the two followed visa-type options

  • Single visa
  • Multiple visas


How To Apply For Work Visa?

  • Firstly, select the desired work visa types, as there are some categories in work visa.
  • H VISAS – for academic professionalisation, higher qualified expertise
  • H-2Aand H-2B- training seeking work employees
  • I VISAS- especially been encrypted for the journal post, media outlets reporters.
  • L visa- who has been already working in a company but has been issued this visa to get transferred
  • O visa- extraordinary and expert workers who have outstanding achievements and have expertise knowledge
  • P visa- this has been directed to the athletic or artistic endeavours workers.
  • TNNNAFTA- this has been specially recruited for the Canadian and Mexican nationalists.
  • After that, provide the passport copies and photos
  • Choose the types, whether you want multiple entries or single entries.
  • Complete the status of the payments
  • And keep an eye on the mail for further procedural steps.

Work Visa Requirement

  • Passport original copies
  • Image of colour photos of the applicant is required
  • Immigrant certification is necessary for the employee workers
  • Health certifications of the employee workers are required 
  • Academic professionalize credentials are required
  • And company agreement details are needed.


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