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Eat, Explore and Enjoy at M2L Market

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Do you enjoy going shopping? Do you enjoy venturing into new markets? If so, you should look into the M2L Market. The M2L Market, in association with Gate Avenue DIFC, is Dubai's excellent choice of street food, retail, art, entertainment, and lifestyle combination. M2L Market is a favourite among entrepreneurs, trendsetters, families, and innovators due to its many events, gourmet alternatives, and creative companies. M2L Market helps businesses grow by telling their stories through engaging interactions and long-lasting connections that combine creativity and culture. There are many famous sites with crowds all around and still some fresh untouched areas; let's virtually go through the market vibes and then plan our Dubai tickets with the most popular site among people, UAE Visa Online, where you can rapidly create your visa at the lowest price. 

Let's Visit M2L Market in UAE 

The primary areas emphasizing the organization of a specific market are as follows: 

  • eSports- Popular with the general population, PlayStations and e-sports kiosks are accessible to all age categories. 
  • Tourists that visit UAE frequently want to attend art seminars and exhibitions where top artists are present. 
  • Workday is a workshop where tourists and locals may prepare cuisines such as pizzas, coffees, and croissants. This is the ideal approach to commemorate the time spent with your family.  
  • Artistic Hub- The most Instagram - excellent location in this space for taking images. 
  • F&B and retail kiosks-The M2L Market will provide exciting and one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences for the entire family. 
  • Festivals of music 
  • Dance competitions 
  • Yoga lessons 

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Ayana Holding is the creator of M2L

The primary goal at Ayana Holding is to build a global network of influential firms. They have the resources, global ability, and experience to constantly transcend borders, boundaries, and benchmarks, resulting in high-growth firms that disrupt industries and have an enormous global impact. This is achievable due to their vast network and strong financial, operational, and strategic experience. They have developed into a multi-million-dollar network of enterprises with a proven track record of success navigating diverse, evolving, and demanding markets, putting them at the forefront of innovation.

M2L Market, Dubai's newest outdoor destination, formally opened on Friday at Gate Avenue in Zone B of the DIFC. It will be open till the end of March 2024. The Market, which features a four-concept pavilion, offers a variety of family-friendly activities. The eSports pavilion features gaming stations for gamers of all ages, and at Wrkbay, parents and their children may bake their pizza. The Art Lab is a venue for artists, decorative arts, and exhibitions. A Creative Hub also features places that can be used for Instagram selfies. 

Some most fantastic things to try out at M2L Market 

If you're looking for an unforgettable outdoor entertainment and leisure experience to spend quality time with your family, look no further! The M2L Market has brought you everything that best suits your preferences. Dubai's economy is focused on entertainment, leisure, and technology, and it will officially open to tourists this month. It will keep visitors entertained until March 2024. 

1. Stops for the shopping 

Some of the M2L Market pop-up shops are as follows: 

  • Wasted Youth- It is possible to purchase comfy leisurewear. 
  • Aegean Boutique- Offers one-of-a-kind women's fashion, including beachwear dresses and evening gowns. 
  • Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes- the finest Arabic fragrance assortment 

2. Enjoy Live Performances 

Enjoy live acts such as open mics, acoustic concerts, stand-up comedy, and more on Saturdays and Sundays. Join an eSports panel discussion with Lucy Chow, an investor and founder backer focusing on the innovation industry. The M2L Market will feature live music and other family-friendly activities. Hip Hop Cardio will have a dance competition and invite an international professional dancer to serve as a guest judge. The weekends will also include art collection exhibitions. 

3. Foodies can enjoy their favourite treats, too! 

Check out the great food trucks at the M2L Market that serve a range of cuisines: 

  • American burgers and cooked meat are available at Smoked Meat Kitchen.  
  • The Roost: Chicken prepared in a rotisserie 
  • The prepared broths from Broth Lab are enriched with flavorful, organic, and healthy ingredients. 
  • Must try speciality smokehouse: El & N Café 
  • Meat that has been seasoned and smoked using Local Fire's unique technique 
  • Grab a burger or sandwich at Burger 28. 
  • Dutch biscuits are known as Royal Stroopwafel 
  • Hint Café, an Emirati-founded café that offers a range of delicacies 
  • The first genuine Italian ice cream shop in Dubai is Cento% Gelato. 

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4. Amusement for a family outing 

  • Dance and groove up the excitement in hip-hop cardio courses. 
  • Motivate yoga 
  • Self-cooking is permitted during the workday. 
  • Farmer's Market: This is where one may purchase authentic plant-based necessities.  
  • A panellist for eSports, Lucy Chow 

Venue: Zone B, Gate Avenue at DIFC for art collections.

Hours: On weekdays, from 4 pm to midnight. On Saturdays, from noon to midnight.


Dubai once more established itself as the Middle East's most affluent city. Despite the UAE's innovations, it is nonetheless renowned for the extensive legacy of Islamic and Arabic culture. UAE is a popular, famous, and vibrant metropolitan destination. The M2L Market, a must-see location in UAE, will have a four-pavilion concept. That simultaneously promotes the United Arab Emirates culture and community. The place where M2L Market is held in Dubai is connected to all the commercial districts and has access to the nearby residential complexes. For any visa-related queries, visit Chat support for UAE Visa.

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