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I think IPL 2024 in united arab emirates

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When IPL 2024 was around the corner, the president of BCCI – Sourav Ganguly had already dropped the hint to the fans of cricket about the presence of an audience for IPL 2024. Fans of cricket are not only in India but all over the world too. Many fans of cricket wait for IPL to be organized. These fans end up spending a good amount of money to watch these matches. But due to pandemic, these fans were extremely disheartened as they might not have been allowed to watch the matched. But BCCI president Sourav Ganguly had made a statement that a fixed number of people might be permitted to come to the stadium and watch the most awaited event. This was a ray of hope to many fans. The venue for IPL 2024 was also announced – and that is IPL 2024 to be held in UAE. Now that IPL 2024 is being held in UAE, this is a current big event that is happening there. With IPL 2024, many tourists can fulfil their dream to watch these matched. Lets us read further about “the new big thing in UAE – IPL 2024”.

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  • IPL 2024 in UAE
  • Why the UAE?
  • The tournament organized in UAE
  • Standard Operating Procedures for IPL 2024 in UAE

IPL 2024 in UAE

The Governing Council of IPL had earlier come up with the venue for IPL matches to be played. The emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah will be hosting the world most exciting event and all matches of IPL this time. Keeping in mind the current COVID 19 situation and social distancing norm, the BCCI president has stated that it will be possible for 30% of people to witness the live matches of IPL 2024 being held in UAE. These audiences will be tested before entering the ground and can then gain access to the stand of the stadium. The BBCI had come up with decision so that the audience maintain distance from each other in the stands.

September 19, 2024, was the most exciting day in UAE as IPL 2024 inaugural match was commenced at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. This is the first that IPL is being held in UAE. With IPL happening in UAE and having audience permit of 30% to watch the matches in the stadium, you can also get the tickets to UAE, apply for UAE Visa and witness IPL 2024 live matches of your favourite team. Get started with you booking for UAE visa through UAE Visa Online

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Why the UAE?

UAE is organizing IPL 2024 this year because the country is the best option in terms of location and facilities. It can also roughly be the geographical centre of the cricket world. Many players in IPL are from India but the overall mix of players is global. Other than India, players are from Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, Afghanistan, South Africa and other Caribbean nations. In UAE the COIVID 19 infection rates are low compare to any other country.

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The tournament organized in UAE

IPL in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have put bio-bubbles where the matches are being held. Every player and official had to clear a total of 5 COVID 19 tests -2 before flying to UAE and 3 within the first six days of arrival in UAE before entering bio bubble. And every fifth day of every week players is being tested throughout the tournament to ensure the safety of players and officials present for IPL 2024 in UAE. Under IPL rules no one is allowed to leave bio bubble during tournament course. Every individual has to strictly follow social distancing norms including any squad members from having close contact within the bubble. Every squad member has been asked to wear a mask while leaving their hotel rooms too and are restricted with unnecessary movement.

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Standard Operating Procedures for IPL 2024 in UAE

With the current COVID 19 scenario, it has been mandatory for all team members and other officials to remain in a bio-secure bubble till the end of the tournament that is till 10th November 2024. Here is the SOP (standard operating procedure) set for IPL 2024 in UAE:

  • All the staff members and players had to be in quarantine for 14 days in India before travelling to the UAE and had to clear COVID test.
  • Every team member has given flu shots before departing for UAE.
  • After landing UAE – Abu Dhabi, every player were again quarantined for 14 days. Those who landed in Dubai were put in isolation for 6 days.
  • It was mandatory for every team players, officials and staff members to download ArogyaSetu app by Indian Government and ALHSON which is an Emirates Government app.
  • The Biosecure bubble has been prepared by a UK firm for the entire length of IPL 2024. And once the team has entered the bio bubble, no one can breach it and they will only be allowed to enter places or areas that are sanitized.
  • Players who were travelling with their family member had to follow the same norms.
  • During the UAE trip, every player was asked to wear Hazmat kits and was not permitted to eat outside and were not even allowed to shop. Their luggage was checked in, scanned and sanitized with utmost care.
  • Their cabin luggage was wrapped during travel. With this, no player was allowed to open their luggage during travel. Essentials like phone, tickets and passports were asked to keep in a laundry bag.
  • Their main luggage was sent for security check-in in advance.
  • All teams flew out of India in chartered flights and every player had to wear PPE kits. No player was served with food and beverage during travel. Snacks were packed by the team members themselves.
  • Every player needed to undergo COVID test upon arrival in UAE and they will be tested every week till 12 November 2024.
  • No housekeeping service was provided to the player during their quarantine period but was given with 24x7 room service. They could order food through phone and the food was served in disposables. They were supplied with toiletries and towels.
  • Every staff member of hotels has to wear a mask and gloves while serving the players. These staff will not be allowed to serve other guests and they will be scanned every three days. These staff members must remain in bio bubble.
  • Players have been provided with game area and team room to keep them engaged. All these areas and bubble will 24x7 be under surveillance.
  • Team member was allowed to start their training 2-week prior IPL 2024 and all their gears have been sanitized twice, once in hotel and once in the stadium. The players have not been given locker room facilities during training.
  • The team players have been given the facilities like barber, tailor, massage specialists and other benefits.
  • Strict measures have been implemented during an ad shoot done by IPL 2024 sponsors.
  • IPL 20 would use Oura ring to track COVID 19 symptoms. A team meeting will be done through online mode. It is mandatory to use hand sanitizers and if any player has COVID symptoms like cough or fever, they will have to alert the team and medical staff immediately.
  • If anyone is found breaking the bio bubble, then they will be put for one-week isolation and will again have to clear COVID test to return on ground.
  • Social distancing has to be maintained on the bus while travelling to the stadium too.

This is everything needed for you to know about IPL 2024 happening in UAE. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up

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