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HouseKeeping Jobs In United Arab Emirates

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What Is A Domestic Worker?

Domestic workers in UAE are those who are appointed for private household work, or they have to perform the necessary work which are required to be obtained for nursing a house. They provide service indirect as well as indirect care to the households.

The works the domestic workers have to perform are-

  • Washing clothes.
  • Clearing rooms and keeping it's hygienic in all ways.
  • Doing cooking or preparing food dishes.
  • Nurturing children and taking care of them.
  • Gardening and flowering.
  • Driving, guarding the house.

Domestic workers can be:

  • These are the respective days to days work that the domestic workers, in short, the housekeeps need to be doing.
  • Domestic workers can be appointed on a per-time purpose as well as full-time purpose.
  • Might get appointed by the employee single residence needful or might have to work as a service provider residing’s for the appointed householders.
  • Domestic workers might have to migrate if their households wonder about their work.
  • Domestic workers can be a sponsor and in the United Arab Emirates country, the wages are quite impressive.
  • Domestic workers are not discriminated both males and females can work together as per their work roles.


Domestic Workers Visa

The United Arab Emirates country provides visa permits to interested applicants. The domestic work visa is categorized into two parts: one is a housekeeping visa offered for private household works, and another is a nursing visa offered for taking care of children as well as Nurturing their children.

  • The terms of validity the visa allows for the applicants to live is 2 2-year term.
  • Only single-time entry is been applauded with this visa type.
  • It can be a renewal, or if any applicants want to cancel their visa types, then that also can be done.
  • Domestic visas can be sponsored in the United Arab Emirates country, it has been always suggested to provide the sponsor details so that further processing can be obtained easily.

Domestic Worker Visa Extension

The domestic visa can be extended further but for that, the following steps must be undergone-

  • As all the UAE visa processing are been happening digitally so on the recommended ground you can prefer the site UAE visa online site.
  • It has been advised that the applicants must apply for the domestic UAE visa extension before 30 days, as the proceeding for the extensions might take time.
  • Then apply for the visa applications.
  • Provides your passport original copy and the visa for whom you want the extension periods.
  • Candidates’ sponsorship details if they are been sponsored.
  • Complete the payments and makes sure you must print the applications after submitting the form for evidence purpose.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Housekeeper?

Now, what are the qualifications the housekeepers need to obtain for their work purpose?

  • Must be above 18 years of age.
  • Have the citizenship records for their belonging country.
  • Must have acquired the minimum qualifications of class 12 pass.
  • It will be much better if they acquire a graduation degree.
  • Have a minimum income of 5000 AED.
  • Get the bank statement records for the last 6 months.

How To Get A Domestic Worker Visa

Now coming to its requirements criteria which the applicants have to ensure for getting the domestic visa-

  • The applicant’s original passport copy is been required for the domestic visa.
  • The applicant's passport-sized image is been required.
  • Get the applicant's name and bank statement records for the last 6 months.
  • Get the medical examination certificates during the time of onboarding.
  • Get the applicants all the personal details which are essential, like name, address, location, citizenship ID, signatures, etc.
  • Complete the payments and make sure you print the applications after submitting the form for evidence purposes.
  • Getting the immigration applause which are been essential for a domestic visa.
  • No crime history is been taken into consideration.


UAE Visa Online 

As all the visa processing are been happening digitally so on the recommended ground you can prefer the site UAE visa online site

  • As it has been much more lenient.
  • Must be faithful for use.
  • Gives you privacy and good customized service.
  • 24/7 guarantee helpline support.
  • 48 hours no delay visa delivery.


The UAE Housekeeping Jobs can easily be applied to the applicants but only if the applicants follow up on the requirements. The workers need to follow up the rules and regulations of the GCC authorities and the emirates embassy. Otherwise, the worker's wages and working places will be lenient and flexible for work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It cannot be changed in this way, firstly you have to cancel your current visa types and then you have to apply separately for the business visa applications. For canceling the visa types separate charges will be taken. For more information visit the UAE visa online site.

Yes, it has been necessary for the applicants to submit their medical examinations reports.


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