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health and safety at the workplace in uae

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Working is a necessity to earn a living and make sure that you move ahead in your life. UAE allows various divisions of work and business opportunities for aspirants to grow and make their way in the competition. But at the workplace, where the workers are putting in the hardest efforts, there have to be some measures for the health and safety of workers. 

The constructional and the industrial workers are provided the same, as they aren’t permitted to work during the hottest hours of the day during the summer. The workers also deserve some of the other safety measures for their health. They should be provided with proper gear and clothing to give them protection against the injuries and the fatal damage that they are exposed to while they are at work. A proper medical checkup and regular follow-up mechanism should be made to make them secure and get maximum output at work. 

Here are all the insights that you need to know for your safety and health in the UAE.

Provisions for the Health and Safety of Workers at the Workplace in UAE. There are many safety regulations and measures that are required by the UAE Law.

The UAE Federal Labour Law mentions certain provisions for all the employees working in UAE for their utmost safety and health care at work. It is mentioned under Article 91 to Article 101. They have mentioned some measures like: 

Safety and Health Measures in UAE

  • Every employer should provide his employees with suitable ways of protecting against injuries, occupational diseases, and fatal injuries that the worker may receive during his course of work.

  • Also, the worker may get injured due to any fire hazard while operating the machinery or the work equipment.

  • the employer should take care and apply all the precautionary measures that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs defines.

  • The employee, on the other hand, has to use the safety equipment, gear, and costume allotted to him for his work respectively. He should abide by all the rules and regulations given by the employer regarding safety and operations.

  • Every employer shall display detailed instructions stating the measures of caution from fire and protection from deadly hazards while working, in a permanent and prominent place, where all the workers have access to the same easily. 

  • It should follow a multi-lingual approach accordingly to your employees.

  • Every employer shall make sure that he has a first aid kit on his premises, containing all the medicines, bandages, and first aid material at the time of emergencies, as properly guided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

  • Every employer shall make sure that every place of work where his workers are workers is clean and ventilated accordingly. The places should have adequate lighting which should support the facilities of drinking clean water, washrooms, etc.

  • An employer of the organization must set a physician or more as per his choice to examine employees thoroughly who are exposed to the highest chances of contracting one of the occupational diseases which is suggested and listed in the schedule of the law.

  • At least once every 6 months, these employees who are at risk should be examined and a proper result should be maintained and tracked.

  • An employer shall provide all the means of medical care accordingly to the standards set by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in consultations with the Ministry of Health.

  • The employer should inform well about the dangers of the job beforehand only and also the ways that he/she can use to protect himself/herself from the danger.

  • He shall provide detailed and well-explained instructions mentioning the work on the premises.

  • Every employer who is recruiting employees from remote areas who aren't by public means of transport, shall give access to the following services to his employees:

    • Suitable transportation facility.

    • Suitable accommodation facility.

    • Suitable drinking water facility.

    • Suitable food facility.

    • First aid services.

    • Entertainment and the sports activities facility.

  • All of the above-mentioned facilities that are provided by the employer to his employee will be on the employer's account, except the "food facility". 

Mid-Day Break Rule for the Workers under the Sun

As we mentioned at the beginning of this rundown that construction and industrial workers are not allotted permission to work during the hottest hours of the day during the summer days. 

Any of organization that is found to have the staff working during the allotted designated break time is entitled to pay a fine of AED 5,000 per worker up to a maximum fine of AED 50,000, as per the government instructions in the Law.

  • During this holy month of Ramadan, employees are designated to work for 2 hours less every workday.

So, these are all the major dimensions you need to know about your health and safety at the workplace in the UAE if you are planning to work there.




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