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Do We Require good conduct certificates to enter UAE for Domestic visa will need

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Domestic Worker Visa

Now as per the given term “good conduct certificates to enter UAE” - this has been the true statement, as this announcement is been made by the labor ministry head through a virtual session in a cabinet meeting. The federal national committee has taken measures, to avoid fraud cases in sponsorship expands, trail maid, nanny, and Domestic workers are not been allowed, on a minimum term 2 years work experience is required, and that must have a paper document to prove their experience, and that paperwork must carry their home country address. 

  • Human Resources department will be encrypted and check this validity 
  • Must follow the MOHRE rule and laws
  • Moderate immigrant permission must be acquired
  • Labor visa permits are necessary to obtain for getting legal permits in UAE country.


UAE Visa Rules

Now coming to the point what is the new motive of the UAE embassy for getting cautioned about Domestic visas.

  • To avoid criminal issues and psychological problems which might affect the family
  • The Domestic visa will not be handed to any applicant if they have any previous criminal records, this has been the UAE embassy rules.
  • An interview will be conducted to check whether the domestic workers are mentally healthy or not
  • Family who will sponsor the maids will be conducting a trial work to check whether their appointed workers are been mentally fit, their working proportions, and have the skills of working or not.
  • UAE embassy has signed a petition with 13 countries, to ensure healthy work culture and a good work field
  • These actions are been strictly followed as in UAE country we get to know a piece of news that a housemaid is illtreating a nine years old child and been sentenced to death, four months child died because of smashing her head with the table, done by the domestic work employee of UAE country
  • Many unstable and shocking news are been conductive by the domestic workers, no avoid crimes UAE embassy has conducted strict visa approval to the housemaids’ working employees
  • As UAE country has taken a pledge that they will make their territory crime-free country. though in other measuring matters UAE country is the safest country for traveling purposes.

Domestic Helper Agency

As per the domestic helper laws and policies, these are some of the followed appointed posts which conduct work occupations sectors, so the applicant can appeal for these posts.

  • Housemaid, sailors, security guards, domestic labor, horse groomers, babysitter, housekeeper, gardeners, cooks, private nurses, etc. all fall under the domestic worker's categories.



  • MOHRE and the human resource center will approve the visas authentications
  • Then orientation and training sessions will be conductive
  • During the processed period of 180 days the visa sponsorship card will be in the recruited family's hands
  • So, the workers have to be loyal and proportioned a good service
  • On a direct sponsorship the period last for 6 months duration, and the most interesting fact is that the sponsored visa can be transferred depending on families’ sponsorships agreement basis
  • Another agreement option is Tadbeer sponsorship, it mainly a center that will supply maid and domestic workers to the house residence as per their requirement
  • On-time hiring is an agreement which the family owners will hire, they hired a helper for their housemaid labor worker. The helper will have a flexible work service in this job profile.

Domestic Labour Law

Now coming to the regulation law and protection which will be conducive to the Domestic workers

  • An agreement and a due period contract, to fix their job security
  • Will be provided all the Privileges and desired rights
  • Must follow the recruitment policies and work according to the MOHRE rule and laws
  • Prohibitions of laws are been strictly avoided
  • Will be provided accommodation and their desire work salary
  • If accommodation is not been provided then house fees and food fees will be added to their salary measuring
  • Medical insurance is mandatory, if the labor workers get sick 30 days of leave are been allotted only based on insurance policies
  • Flexible work service

Domestic Helper Employment Contract

Now coming to the recruitment agencies, and the pacified facilities which every house residence have to followed

  • Paying the wages within 10 days of starting month, must provide those wages which are been mentioned in the agreements contract
  • In a week the workers will be given one day left
  • The workers will be conducted to work for only 10 hours a day
  • Medical insurance is mandatory, if the labor workers get sick 30 days of leave are been allotted only based on insurance policies
  • Must be allotted 30 days paid vacations for the maids once a year
  • An authenticated documentation will only be acceptable
  • Employee must be given the meals expenses by the family owners
  • Paper for personal identification must be submitted by the domestic workers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The labor must acquire 18 years of age
  • Should have the discrimination with their looks, color, or religious
  • Any king sexual harassment are been illegal policies
  • Trafficking or forcing labor is an illegal practice  
  • Should physical or mentally torture the labor workers
  • Only those should be assigned which are been mentioned in the agreement’s contracts
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