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8 Top-Rated Things to do in UAE in 2024

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UAE is known for its booming tourism ratio owing to its seven emirates which are highly popular and attractive. The United Arab Emirates is everyone’s vortex of a dreamland due to its luxurious seven ultramodern emirates of all times. Tourism is widely popular in the UAE as it is a country of wonders and stardom with respectable hospitality. However, you must be curious and excited to know about the places you can visit in UAE! But were you aware that there are things to do in UAE?

Well, if you were not aware before, let us break it to you there are marvelous secret things to do in Dubai! Dubai is one of the greatest destinations for tourism belonging to one of the seven emirates of UAE and owing to its iconic sights such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, etc. With its dazzling skyscrapers, sleek dining, and inclusive culture, it tops everyone’s bucket list. All the emirates of UAE are extremely attractive for the purpose of tourism and rightfully so. Dubai is a city of wonder, an emirate of UAE that is highly popular due to its extravagant glory and lively night lifestyle.

To visit Dubai and witness its withstanding beauty and magnificent riches, you must apply for a UAE visa as soon as possible! However, if you are already planning to visit UAE on a tourist visa, you must make the most out of your stay! In case, you are planning to visit any emirates of UAE, you can easily apply for a UAE tourist visa online for a specified duration via online platforms.

As one of the renowned countries to visit, the government of UAE issues different types of UAE visas with specified stay permits as per the purpose of your visit to UAE. Before applying for a UAE tourist visa, you are required to check your UAE visa status to determine the validity of uae visa travel. However, to be eligible to apply for your tourist visa, you must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

The validity of each visa depends on the UAE visa type and entry permits based on the purpose of your visit. Several UAE visa types are depending on your duration of visit and the validity of your UAE visa. It is necessary to check all the visa details before selecting the visa that fulfills your objective of visiting the UAE.

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List of 8 Things to do in UAE

1. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is known to be a safe haven for many bird lovers out there. This wetland sanctuary reserve is home to many exotic species of birds. This sanctuary is free for public visitors from 9 am to 4 pm except on Fridays.

2. Alserkal Avenue

Visiting Dubai and not going to Alserkal Avenue would be like missing out on the heart of the city. This exciting art avenue for all art lovers comprises 40 warehouses that are converted into galleries, artisanal cafes, art and dance studios, etc.

3. Aquaventure waterpark

This waterpark with the Palm hotel remains free for one day of the year which is your birthday! You can avail of the free services by booking a ticket on their website to get a free aqua venture waterpark birthday offer.

4. Coffee Museum

This museum is almost like a shrine to all the caffeine addicts out there! It has a historic collection of all archaic coffee-related artifacts. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee or get a packet of coffee beans as a humble gesture, a part of the middle-eastern culture along with free entry into the museum.

5. Dubai Fountain Show

This fountain is popularly known to be the tallest fountain performance in the world! Located in Burj Lake, each Fountain show lasts for about 5 minutes and has an interval gap of 30 minutes before starting again. You can watch the Dubai Fountain Show from 1 pm to 11:30 pm.

6. Hit the beaches

You can go around so many beaches to enjoy the sea and sun for absolutely no dirham! Dubai includes JBR beach, Al Mamzar Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Umm Suqeim Park, and Kite beach. You can get a ride abra that may not be free but it’s the best value for the cheapest money spent in Dirhams.

7. Burj Nahar

Burj Nahar Mall is one of the most popular malls of all time in Dubai! Make sure to enjoy the ultramodern delight of Dubai.

8. Go cycling in the Al-Qudra Desert

50km track of the Al-Qudra desert is best for enjoying cycling rides and get to enjoy the scenery of the red desert.

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Why try these free things to do in UAE?

Dubai being the most extravagant and expensive city gives you this great opportunity to explore its beauty at absolutely no cost! To get yourself the fair share of experience that every tourist deserves no matter the background, you must make the most of your trip to UAE. It is surprising to know that UAE offers free visits to public places even after being the world of wonders!

How you can apply a Visa of UAE?

The answer to that is really easy! Just apply for your visa and get a chance to tour UAE. To obtain your UAE visa, you can easily apply for your UAE visa online through the following steps:

  • When the page uploads, select the Citizenship Country and Living Country. After selecting, click on the "Apply UAE Visa" tab.
  • Choose the UAE visa type you need depending on the purpose of your visit, whether you want to apply for a transit visa or a tourist visa.
  • After checking the processing time, the visa fees, UAE visa validity, process fees, etc. click “Proceed to apply”.
  • The tab takes you to a general form fill-up wherein, you are required to fill in your details and upload your documents.
  • After filling in the details and uploading the document, click on “Proceed to Pay” and use the preferred payment gateway options available to make the payment.

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Documents required for your UAE Visa:

To apply for a UAE visa, you will require the following documents:

  • Your passport-sized photograph: Your passport-sized photograph must be captured with a white background for official purposes.
  • A copy of your passport must have a validity of 6 months with a clear print of passport ID and personal details in the copy of your passport. 
  • Your original UAE visa application form can be accessed in Arabic or English.
  • UAE ticket: A copy of your return ticket confirming your return under the stay permit of your UAE visa.

Make sure that you carry these documents to explore Dubai, journal about it, and get to do the free things to do in UAE!

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