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Process to file a labor complaint in UAE

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The protection of labor laws and rules inside the UAE is mandatory. As well as the proper implementation of these labor laws is also required. The UAE Ministry of labor is responsible for the implementation of labor law. All the disputes, issues, and whether the right is given to domestic workers is also the responsibility of MOHRE or the ministry of labor. The MOHRE also communicates and spreads awareness to the domestic workers in UAE through the campaign. They spread awareness about the labor rights they have. 


Labor Complaint In UAE

When the domestic worker or helper is mistreated. They find it difficult to overtime. If they are forced to do extra work without payment. Fewer holidays and non-payment of salaries. Then they have the right to file labor complaints in UAE. Specific and different types of law with clauses are there. So, the UAE labor right is well protected without any injustice. In case of any violation of labor rights or laws, file the labor complaint to MOHRE. 

When to file a  complaint?

If any ex-pat in UAE wants to file a labor complaint should know about the rights and law properly. Go through all the labor contract points. And if you still think there is a violation, you can file a complaint then. Keep in mind that your employer also has some rights if the employee is wrong. The employer can file a complaint of absconding. Or the employer can also register to ban your employment visa or can lead to a labor ban. If once the ban is imposed, you may have to leave the country for the next 6 months or one year. 


If you are thinking that after filing a labor complaint in UAE. The matter will be resolved within one to two days. Then you are wrong, the case registered by you will at least take three to four weeks. Many ex-pats and employers register labor complaints every day. You will have to wait for some time. The case timing may extend if you are not comfortable with the UAE labor office decision. After your file or case is moved to court, the matter can take months to resolve.


Termination and financial issues

After you file the labor complaint against your boss or employer. The company or your employer can terminate you from your job. And you may have to resign to file a complaint against your employer. Without earning, and money it is difficult to stay inside UAE for long period. You can not work in any other office, company, or workplace after filing labor completely. You will have to wait for the case to close. 

UAE labor complaint types 

  • The unsafe environment around your workspace
  • Salary complaints or money issues
  • No annual leave no weekend or public holidays
  • Gratuity complaint- if no gratuity is given after resignation
  • Salary delay
  • Overtime complaint
  • Termination complaint
  • No maternity leave
  • No proper accommodation
  • Passport or identity document confiscated by the employer
  • Health insurance complaint

How to file a labor complaint in UAE?

To file a labor complaint, you can register and do it in different ways. You can file a labor complaint via MOHRE online website or app. Expats holding Dubai work visas can file labor complaints through the Dubai police app or website. You can directly call at labor complaint toll-free contact number 80060. You can visit the MOHRE center in person to file a complaint. 

To file a labor complaint via the MOHRE website:

  • You have two options either you download the app or visit the MOHRE official web page.
  • You will be redirected to the home page of the  MOHRE website. Search for the option "register labor complaint".
  • Then you can choose the start service option anytime you want to file a labor complaint.
  • After that, you can choose the "complaint type". That is gratuity complaint, salary complaint, etc.
  • Enter important details like- labor card number, work permit number, unified number, or the applicant type.
  • Click on submit option.
  • After the submission and request, you will get a call from the legal advisor. 



Filing labor complaints in UAE is an easy task. After filing a labor complaint, it is important to keep the status of your case. To avoid a lengthy process it is recommended that one should properly communicate. And should try to settle down disputes between themselves and their employer. To know more about UAE Visa and apply the UAE Visa online you can visit UAE Visa Online website. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the labor complaint status online on MOHRE's official website. After visiting the portal, search for the MOHRE e- services. Then give your labor complaint number and submit the details. Information and details of labor complaints will be given.

No, the MOHRE service center or website does not charge anything. If someone is filing a labor complaint.

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