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3 Indian Celebrities Who Hold UAE Golden Visa

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The UAE's brilliant visa plot is progressively profited by countless Indians who, it shows up, are anxious to settle down in Dubai, which offers well-being, adaptability, and exceptional living experience similar to some other top-notch cities. Managers and business people don't manage it; countless specialists, medical services trained professionals, researchers, trailblazers, sportspersons, and film entertainers likewise have been taking the brilliant visa course to Dubai since the planned dispatch in May 2019. 

A half-year after the dispatch, inviting the primary clump of 2,500 brilliant visa grantees, His Highness Sheik Mohammed receptacle Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, had pitched Dubai as the objective for science and information. 

During the pandemic, brilliant visas were conceded to numerous bleeding-edge medical care labourers in Dubai. These visas from that point forward have been allowed to Indian ex-pats with extraordinary abilities as government specialists incorporated a few new classes into its rundown, including understudies.

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Indian Celebrities Who Hold UAE Golden Visa

1. Shah Rukh Khan

The King of Bollywood, called SRK in short, was the first Indian celebrity to be given the Uae golden visa. SRK visited the UAE and was even named brand ambassador of Dubai in 2016.

2. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt became the latest famous Indian celebrity to get the Uae golden visa when he was awarded the residency in May. Sanjay Dutt is the newest visitor actor to the UAE and spent most of the time for Ramadan this year with his wife and children.

3. Sania Mirza 

Third-frame famous Indian professional tennis player - Sania Mirza received a ‘UAE 10 Year Golden Visa’. Sania 'mirza is a favourite Indian tennis player who won about six Grand Slam titles.

The Uae Golden Visa was offered to Sania Mirza and her husband, Shoaib Malik, for ten years of residency in the UAE. 

Who can Apply for the 10-year Golden Visa?

1. PhD degree: Under the law, experts holding PhD degrees will be granted the Uae Golden Visa. The individual should have a PhD from one of the best 500 colleges worldwide. 

2. Specialists: The specialists permit all specialists to get a 10-year visa. This will assist the nation to more readily adapt to the pandemic and meet the shortage of clinical experts in the country. Specialists represent considerable authority in the viral study of disease transmission and will be granted the Uae golden visa.

3. Engineers: In request to draw in the ability in this field, all specialists in PCs, gadgets, programming, electricals, hardware, dynamic innovation, AI, and Big Data can acquire the brilliant visa.

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Who can Apply for the 5-year Golden Visa?

1. Business people: This class incorporates those having a current venture with a base capital or individuals who have the endorsement of an authorized business incubator in the country. The drawn-out key contains the mate, youngsters, accomplice, and three leaders. The business person is permitted a multi-passage visa for a half year, inexhaustible for an additional half-year. 

2. Exceptional understudies: This incorporates understudies with a base grade of 95% out in the open and private auxiliary schools college understudies inside and outside the nation having a qualification GPA of essentially 3.75 upon graduation. Long-term visa incorporates groups of remarkable understudies.

3. Half-year visa administration for UAE brilliant residency dispatched 

4. Exceptionally qualified people: The UAE likewise offers 10-year visas to profoundly capable people who have accomplished high scores of 3.8 or more from supported colleges. 

5. Analysts/Scientists: This incorporates specialists and researchers who are experts in their fields. Emirates Scientists Council should license researchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Visa framework basically offers long term residency (5 and 10 years) to individuals having a place with the accompanying gatherings: financial backers, business visionaries, people with extraordinary abilities, any semblance of specialists, clinical experts and those inside the logical and information fields, and exceptional understudies.

Golden visas were firstly introduced in 2019, formed to enable foreigners from other countries to live, work and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor and with 100 % ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland.

Uae Golden visas are granted for some people like entrepreneurs, individuals with specialised talents, researchers in various fields of science and knowledge, and bright students with promising scientific capabilities.

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