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Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort

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Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest tower which was built around 1787 and is also called to be the oldest building in Dubai that also exists today. The Al Fahidi Fort is additionally famous for its race. And during this fort, the foremost famous museum is the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort. Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort, both of these places, together form a perfect pair outing for all the visitors visiting Dubai, and so does UAE Visa Online provide them with information on the same song with some info on the UAE visa policy so that you won't get confused about them!

This fort plays many roles in tourism people get numerous opportunities to find out about their traditions and customs if they visit the present fort because this fort even has a Museum which consists of the monuments wing, which displays antique monuments like pottery, weapons, tombs, buildings, and concrete communities. It includes local antiques as artefacts from African and Asian countries that traded with Dubai. It also has several dioramas that show the life within the emirate before the appearance of oil and artefacts from recent discoveries that date back to 3000 BC. And a few fantastic such things, during this fort, some galleries display the final culture of the land.

The fort was also accustomed to guarding the landward approaches to the town against the raids of neither ruler's palace, a garrison, and a jail. This fort also called a race, ran over 1,400 meters. And also it includes many horse championships with international riders.

So, allow us to discuss the experience of Al Fahidi Fort the most exciting part of that place was the situation because it's located in one of the city's oldest heritage sites which embraces its beauty more because that area is especially favoured for its traditional buildings. And also the second thing is that it's a Multimedia presentation which implies displays of intrusting multimedia supported by a well-researched presentation. This, in turn, chronicles the several critical phases that depict the town's transformation from a tiny low, modest city and a prominent pearl farming centre to what we see now. Dubai is an entirely highly sophisticated global city and the last but not the smallest amount of their Popular Displays. This shows the items which we haven't. As seen before, it appears that you just landed in a different world that's incredibly traditional and extraordinarily charming, with its marvellous exhibits that light this small city-state's multifaceted history and cultural richness. The museum's main gate is guarded by two cannons that were once wont to defend the fort because of the harbour. An extended traditional dhow may be found within the centre of the museum's large courtyard.

It's not nearly seeing those things; it's also about knowing the history of the place and seeing the difference in how things get changed after most of the hard work and facing many difficulties in life. This shows that everything changes with time, whether traditions, customs, or many other things. So after visiting such places, we share a unique experience in our lives..and this can be an element of life right Learning new things about new homes. It's similar to exploring history.

But nowadays people ignore visiting such places. Why so? Because nowadays people don't want to fathom the history and about the past phases, they find it boring but I'm genuinely saying That this is often Not Boring once you visit there you'll find it exciting. Your curiosity will increase to grasp it and explore it more. Also, Apply UAE Visa Online at in order to visit Al Fahidi Fort.

I found that place an escape from the outer world where you're just seeing and imagining what happened in the past and how it happened. You'll feel relaxed, and you'll only gain knowledge after visiting such a place, of course, you don't lose anything.. just a penny of cash though..(jokes apart). This place gives an incredible feel, and for your knowledge, I want to tell you that in 2007, Dubai Museum received 1,800 visitors daily(the big count isn't it), which makes the yearly count up to 6,11,840.

And yet one more special thing about this fort is that in the neighbourhood, it's crammed with some fantastic insights into the origins of this great city. And it also includes shops and cafes, and cultural heritage sides. I loved the foremost the food is excellent, and therefore the stuff you buy there from their art galleries is also so perfect, astonishing and attractive.

How much does its admission charge cost?

Dubai Museum admission price is AED 3 or INR 58 per person (for adults) and AED 1 or INR 20 for kids (below six years). Dubai Museum tickets are purchased together with the keys to the Dubai Fort.

About Transport

Visitors can reach Dubai Museum by public buses through the Ghubaiba or Fahidi bus stations nearby or by the metro station of the Ghubaiba or Fahidi, which is additionally located nearby. Rented cars or tour operators are also available and provide transportation services.

If you visit Dubai, include this as we are saying things to try to do in Dubai. It'll be fun, and I assure you all that you have the most practical experience and that I am saying this with my personal experience, so what you're anticipating is planning your holidays in Dubai and exploring such unique places and having a great experience. And have tremendous family time if you're going to go along with your family.


  • The Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in Dubai, which is considered historical.
  • One of the foremost famous places in Dubai
  • It includes popular displays
  • It is found in the perfect location

Lastly, a combination of both the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort can never go wrong!

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