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Top 7 Awesome Activities for Celebrate Christmas in Dubai in 2024

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Dubai is one of the go-to destinations for people around the globe. Comprising many ethnicities and giving space to explore the richness of the middle east, Dubai is the one-stop hotspot for a luxurious stay of 7-10 days of leisure. The sound of exotic music and sand buried with mysteries brings people to come and sway in the desert moons with a cocktail in hand. 

Why should Dubai be one of the bucket lists wishes for Christmas in Dubai? Here let's find out. When you consider Dubai, what pictures does your psyche invoke: sparkling high rises, beautiful sea shores, rich Sheikhs? None of these would be excessively far from reality, and Dubai is progressively becoming a focal point for tourists worldwide hoping to visit someplace they can spend a wonderful Christmas. Before travelling to Dubai, you must acquire a visa. UAE Visa Online provides the best services you shall ever experience. You are one click away from getting a visa that will give you straight access to sharing the best Christmas of your lifetime.

Things to do in Dubai during Christmas

Christmas in Dubai is all about spreading a tonne of holiday cheer as the holiday season approaches. Below are a few things you can enjoy while in Dubai during Christmas: these are the incredibly festive events in Dubai this winter, from stunning winter terraces to cosy ski lodge staycations, seasonal markets, and sing-along carol performances.

1. The Modern Architecture that will woo your senses 

The blend of modern and traditional in Dubai is a must if you plan to spend your Christmas in Dubai. The skyscrapers, tall buildings, and fantastic hospitality can make you feel like heaven, and the Burj Khalifa is off the charts. The country has evolved into a land of the future, and the place's grandeur is bliss. 

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2. Food is the reason for travel. 

Dubai is the hub for many cruises, and a vacation is planned for exotic food. Since Dubai has embraced diverse religions and people from different ethnicities, any person will savour a wide range of food styles. With hundreds of Arab, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, French, Japanese, Chinese, British, and American restaurants – both humble and high-class. With a month-long shopping festival, they also host various food festivals and a stream of pop-up eateries throughout the year. Who will not plan an extravaganza Christmas in the city?  

3. Dubai Dolphinarium 

Dubai has a fully air-conditioned Dolphinarium home to many dolphins and seals. Bring yourself the joy of swimming with the exotic dolphins and marine life, along with a spectacular dolphin and seal show. 3D and 7D displays make you feel like flying with those exotic birds. But don't lose yourself in the Mirror Maze!! Have a life-changing experience in Dubai.  

4. Fireworks in Dubai 

Planning a lovely New Year holiday in Dubai will make it even more special than I imagined. The 50,000 fireworks with the most prominent LED - illuminated façade behind the world's largest building: Burj Khalifa, is a picturesque view. Feast your coming year with lights and fireworks.  

5. Safari in sand 

If you plan your Christmas vacation in Dubai, ski in the sand and ride in the dunes. A beautiful evening mid of the desert with food, beverages, and a captivating performer performing belly dance. You can also depend on a camel and get mesmerized by the ride. Dubai has five slopes of an indoor ski resort and holds the world's first 400-meter-long indoor black run. We know it's obvious, but what is a desert ride without hopping into a camel's back and riding through the Arabian desert?  

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6. Local shops and Shopping 

Local markets are the main attraction for these places in any country, whether Middle Eastern or European. You can buy textiles, eat regional cuisines, buy spies, etc. There is a Souk market where you get everything you want, from cosmetics to fabric. For a coffee lover, this place is bliss. If you are a coffee addict, this is one of the best things to buy in Dubai. This coffee is the same as the rest, but the Arabs prepare it differently. They have rose water and cumin in this coffee…sounds a little bizarre, but they serve regular coffee, so don't panic. The pots that serve coffee are great souvenirs and are the best gift to take home. They are crafted in a traditional Arabic style, usually made of copper, and are suitable for everyday use. Strolling in local markets is a delight buying gold and textiles, savouring regional cuisines and buying spices; this place is after stepping Chandni Chowk. 

7. Madinat Jumeirah 

One of the best 5-star resorts in Dubai, designed after a traditional Arabic town. As this is the largest resort in the emirate, many travel vloggers and bloggers recommend exploring its surroundings to get an idea of ​​the fantastic architecture and enjoy a delicious coffee with a view. Luxury is a prime attraction whether Christmas or new year. 

Dubai vacation; What about the visa? 

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This article will give you all information compared to the places and sights it offers. This information for those planning a trip to Dubai as a tourist will be full of rich and memorable experiences provided in this article. From places like a Dolphinarium and safari in the sand that will provide you with historical artefacts of the emirate to areas filled with entertainment that will rejuvenate your soul from all the labour we do in our daily lives, this place has it all. Not just for Dubai but also enjoy the other emirates of UAE, make sure to visit UAE Visa Online and get yourself a UAE visa timely and hassle-free 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find summer days having temperatures of 35 degrees C and white, chilly nights with an approximate temperature of 21 degrees C. 

To celebrate Christmas with friends and family the best gifts for exchanges are gift cards, chocolates, flowers, cakes and many more. 

There are 20 churches in Dubai and they’re highly decorated during the Christmas season. 

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