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What is the best travel insurance Dubai

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If a visit to this famous emirate is in your travel plans, it is more than likely that you have wondered with what international medical insurance to get to be protected and travel with the peace of mind that the best coverage provides. Along with your accommodation and flight reservations, your travel insurance to Dubai is the third column on which to start building this trip and, in this guide, we will talk about which is the best and what are its coverages.

Dubai is still an unknown destination for many travelers who think that the only interesting thing to do there is to go shopping in its monumental malls but, over the years, this emirate has gone from being a destination to which many only they had in mind as a small scale to connect Europe with Asia, to be a magnet for many travelers who want to squeeze all the possibilities it offers.

Get ready to discover a vibrant city that uniquely fuses tradition and modernity and do it together with the best travel insurance to Dubai thanks to this comprehensive guide.

Why take out travel insurance to Dubai

Being in our own country, sometimes we are not aware of how lucky we are to have a free and quality health system that ensures us a suitable care in the event of any emergency. Once we cross our borders, we find ourselves in a different situation depending on the country we visit. In Dubai, for example, despite the fact that they really have first-rate medical centers and hospitals, the price you have to pay as a tourist to access them is totally exorbitant. And, for example, you will not be allowed to leave the country if you have any debt of this type.

A simple ankle sprain while walking through the souk, one of the frequent heat strokes when facing temperatures of more than 40 degrees, a fall while driving through the beautiful desert dunes or, without going so far, any other event than at home It would be a simple anecdote (infection, indigestion when trying new flavors, general discomfort) could translate here into an astronomical bill that would ruin your trip beyond your trip if you did not have medical insurance for Dubai with sufficient guarantees. After the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the country's government has imposed travel insurance to the United Arab Emirates as a mandatory requirement to enter.

But, in addition, good travel insurance for Dubai has to protect you beyond your health, because during a trip there are many things that can happen to you. Coverages such as protection against theft or loss of luggage, trip cancellation option, protection of electronic equipment or flights are other coverages that more and more travelers request and that you can find in the best travel insurance to Dubai and its accessories with those who adapt it 100% to your needs.

These are just a few examples of why it is essential to have a travel policy to this emirate but, in the section on its necessary coverage, you will discover many more reasons that will make it clear how essential it is.

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What must have the best travel insurance for Dubai, features

As it is always said`, "every trip is a world" and, therefore, the insurance that would suit you like a glove to visit a city like Paris would not be useful for your trip to this emirate. Each destination has certain characteristics and therefore, when hiring your insurance to travel to Dubai, you must take into account that it has the following coverages:

Attention in your language 24 hours

When requesting assistance during a trip, it is essential to be able to do it quickly and easily, and that means being able to communicate in your own language. Can you imagine experiencing an emergency and having to explain in another language what is happening to you and what you need? Obviously, it would be a huge waste of time and details that could be crucial.

With your medical insurance for Dubai via UAE Visa Online you will have us available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, both for medical emergencies and for any other type of assistance you may need.

Wide coverage of medical assistance

This emirate is one of the most expensive destinations in the world when it comes to medical assistance. A simple visit to the doctor for something as silly as heat stroke that requires a few hours of admission can turn into a huge bill that mortgages your trip. Hence having an insurance take takes care of a wide range of medical assistance is quite important.

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Without advancing money for medical assistance

It is important that you also bear in mind that many medical insurances cover you abroad but require you to pay the costs and then claim reimbursement for these expenses. On the one hand, it means that in an emergency you could have to spend thousands of euros during your trip and, on the other, that recovering them could take a long time. Finding an option that provides you this facility is of utmost importance.

Adventure sports in Dubai

A visit to Dubai is much more than visiting huge shopping malls and skyscrapers. If you really want to make the most of this city, you should be prepared for a dose of pure adrenaline.

You may want to enjoy activities such as quad / buggy circuits through the desert dunes, balloon rides to hallucinate with the skyline at sunset, diving or snorkeling to see its seabed or things as simple as relaxing while paddling with a kayak or paddleboard, something so fashionable. These activities might seem out of the package but finding one that will provide these will help you further during the trip.

Loss of luggage and theft included

In addition to covering you, with your travel insurance to Dubai it is also important that your belongings are covered. For this, you will need insurance that will protect you in cases of loss of luggage or theft with violence.

On the other hand, you will also enjoy coverage that may also take into account cases such as delays in the departure of your means of transport, delay in the delivery of your luggage or, among others, reimbursement of vacations not enjoyed if you had to interrupt them for any of the reasons taken into account.

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Dubai travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage

Right after the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, there has been measures taken by the insurance policy provider to provide protection against this pandemic so that our travelers were always protected in cases like this.

Thus, policies have covid-19 travel insurance included and will cover you if during your trip you were affected by the pandemic. PCR tests prescribed at destination by a specialist or, among others, prolongation of your stay due to mandatory quarantine. 

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