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best solution for reducing road congestion in dubai

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The best solution for reducing Road congestion in Dubai is using Waterbus. Dubai is one of the foremost famous tourist destinations in the world and Dubai is one of the foremost advanced modern cities in the world with many modern technologies in use. This modern city has hence also been always seeing a high number of tourists rushing in and hence to reach out to all who need help in traveling to Dubai, UAE Visa Online brings you information on how waterbus definitely helps n reducing road congestion and how you will be able to explore UAE with a rental car!

At the identical time, the population of the town is additionally increasing drastically and with the population present in Dubai there's huge traffic on roads Dubai government is implementing many traffic rules so as to manage the traffic and implement better ways of the transport system to cut back the Road congestion.

How does one think Dubai was built

The geographical location of Dubai

Dubai is a land that is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and has a roughly perplexed level (16 m or 52 ft above). The emirate of Dubai shares borders with the national capital in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and also the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. Hatta, which is considered to be a minor exclave of the emirate, is surrounded on three sides by Oman and by the emirates of Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. The Gulf borders the western coast of the emirate and covers a locality of 1,588 sq mi, which represents a big expansion beyond its initial 1,500 sq mi.

Land reclamation

Land reclamation usually referred to as reclamation, and also called land fill-is the method of making new Land from oceans, seas, riverbeds, or lake beds. The land reclaimed is thought of as a reclamation ground or landfill.

Land reclamation within the emirate of Dubai has made it one of the foremost recognizable areas in the world. Dubai is probably most well-known for land reclamation projects like the

  • Palm Islands,
  • The World Islands
  • The Dubai Marina
  • The Burj Al Arab.

Forming of recent Dubai

In the 1970s, Dubai continued to grow from revenues generated from oil and trade, at the same time as the town saw an influx of immigrants fleeing Lebanese warfare. The Jebel Ali port wasn't initially successful, so Sheikh Mohammed established the JAFZA (JEBEL ALI Free zone) around the port in 1985 to supply foreign companies with the unrestricted import of labor and export capital. Dubai airport and therefore the aviation industry also continued to grow. The invasion of Iraq led to large increases in oil prices after the Gulf War and encouraged Dubai to still specialize in trade and tourism.

Due to increased Oil trade and which comprises enough percentage to Dubai's economy and Dubai started investing it in Tourism development. Many Creative Architectures were in-built Dubai, Which made Dubai stand joined of the foremost Modern cities in the world.

Dubai owns 29% of the gold trade market within the world, with almost 1,200 loads of the metals traded within the city's gold souks. That is the explanation Dubai is nicknamed as the CITY OF GOLD.


Dubai's Population in 2024 is 3.64 Million in step with the official Dubai Government website. Compared to the realm of Dubai population is increasing per annum by 5%(approx).

This increase in population is thanks to tourism, and Dubai being a Trade hub within the world are the explanations behind the increase in population. There are many tourist places in Dubai that are world-famous and attract large no of tourists to Dubai and making Dubai one of the foremost busiest cities in the world. This is how Dubai is formed.


There are many pros and cons in the modernization of Dubai within the past three decades.

There is a Drastic increase in Economy and infrastructure development. Present Dubai is legendary worldwide and therefore the population has also increased rather more than in the past three decades, Immigration and tourists are increased in large numbers.

The rules of Dubai are strict compared to other countries so as to manage the rate and protect the faith from foreign intervention.

One of the foremost problems Dubai is facing after emerging as a contemporary city is:


Even though Dubai has one of the most effective transportation systems in the world. Due to population increase and tourist inflow, there's Road congestion developed most of the days in Dubai. All types of Transportation are under the Transportation department of Dubai. There are many modes of Transportation in Dubai

  • Roads
  • Air
  • Trams
  • Metro rail
  • Palm Jumeirah Monorail
  • High-speed rail
  • Waterways

The waterbus is one of the best ways to scale back Road congestion in Dubai

RTA Water utility enables all Dubai Citizens, Residents, and visitors to sail amongst Dubai inland waters only (Dubai Marina), equipped with a panoramic passenger cabin along with providing luxury and privacy while abiding by the very best safety standards. The weather in Dubai is characterized by a tropical desert climate with hot sunny conditions due to which people value more highly to pass water buses.

Water buses are a new initiative from the Dubai government, It can reduce the traffic in Dubai now on the roads because people opt for this new feature of transportation so as to commutate fastly if more no water buses are brought within the rate of reduction in road congestion is observed and Water buses are majorly used for Tourists and to go to tourist places in Dubai. If you wish to flee the city's traffic stylishly, taking the Dubai Water Taxi is the ideal choice. Step aboard at anybody of the 44 stations located across two operational zones. Be it the very impressive skyline views that occur between Dubai Marina & Palm Jumeirah (Zone 1) or the tranquility and heritage that can be seen between Creek & Dubai Water Canal (Zone 2); the Dubai Water Taxi gives you the chance to enjoy the town from a wholly new perspective.

The latest watercraft is going to be pushed right into a loophole water-bus solution within the initial phase, with two quits on either side of the Creek getting and sending buses every 10 mins from 6 am in the early morning to 12 during the night. Slowly, these buses are going to be extended up to New Dubai along the coastline, which incorporates Palm Islands and therefore the World. This new introduction of the water-bus solution is a component of the highly extensive transport system for Dubai's commuters, which mainly focuses on minimizing the city's road blockage and hence making traveling around easy. The intended City Railways will likewise be playing a very important role in achieving these purposes other than the present Abras and therefore the just-stated water-bus solution.

Tourists are more fascinated by this mode of transport because it provides tourists the fun and joy of traveling the waterbus in the humid hot conditions of Dubai.

In order to decrease road congestion during a much effective far more no of water buses and the capacity of holding tourists in water, buses have got to be increased. So the Public on the roads is going to be automatically decreased, Road congestion is additionally decreased and hence also contributing is the reduction of the effects of traffic congestion. Govt of Dubai, Department of Public transportation of Dubai brought a water bus that includes a great initiative to cut back road congestion in Dubai. It is said to be one of the successful strategies to scale back road congestion.

Hence the best solution for reducing road congestion in Dubai is definitely using the means of waterbus and its facilities.

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