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Places every nature enthusiast will love to visit in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates has established itself as a place to visit in every traveller's bookmark. And one would not argue what makes this place a tourism hotspot in recent times by looking at the plethora of attractions it offers for an optimal vacation. Everything justifies why one should visit UAE with extraordinary modern architectural designs, posh and fancy resorts, and hotels, with vibrant city life and impressive coastline. 
Although, one might have second thoughts about visiting UAE being a nature enthusiast seeing how modern UAE screams in every aspect. Well, to give good news to every nature enthusiast out there, through this article, we will be providing a guide for the best places to visit is a nature lover in the UAE. If by any chance you're searching on how to get a UAE visa, make sure to visit Uaevisaonline to book yourself a UAE visa in just a few simple clicks.  

Best places to visit in UAE as a nature enthusiast   

Finding the ideal spot to have an essence of nature in a place like UAE can be a difficult dilemma. To help you in this, scroll down and read through the list of the places we have curated about the best places to visit in UAE, being a nature enthusiast.   

The Desert  

Maybe the most ordinary and extraordinary setting in the UAE is its desert. Each and every one of the country's seven Emirates has extended lengths of sand and dunes, with typical desert fauna and flora that helps in assisting people with a better figuring of life during the hour of the Bedouins. The ideal way to look at the desert is by booking a desert safari accessible through a few different travel organizations around the country.  


Al Zorah Nature Reserve  

Al Zorah Nature Reserve, situated in the Emirates of Ajman, is a spot with several pink flamingos giving tone to the mangroves it homes. This is an ideal spot for birdwatch and those seeking to find a natural place away from the country's famous cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Dubai Miracle Garden  

Although Dubai Miracle Garden is artificial, it is as yet quite possibly the most gorgeous spot in the country for nature enthusiasts to visit. The nursery comprises a few huge decorative layouts, including the biggest one in the world, according to the Guinness World Records, which takes the state of an Airbus A380 with its jaw-droppingly monstrous structure. This is the perfect place to visit in the UAE for people who love blossoms and need to take a few good pictures.   

Bu Tinah Island  

Abu Dhabi has countless islands, offering tourists everything from outrageous sports activities to extravagance. In any case, quite possibly, the main island in the capital is Bu Tinah Island. Despite the absence of any tourism infrastructure, the location is well renowned for being the first and largest UNESCO-designated reserve in the area. The island is famous for housing the Hawksbill turtle, an endangered species, and for being one of the most beautiful locations for nature lovers.   


About an hour's drive from Dubai, yet at the same time inside the Emirate, is Hatta. This tourist spot is in trending demand among the locals searching for a day's escape from the bustling city life. Hatta is most famous for its natural pools of turquoise water situated in rough mountains. This is the ideal spot for all nature enthusiasts to get wet and attempt different water activities, like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking.  


Sir Ban Yas Island   

Sir Ban Yas Island is a fantasy place for UAE guests who wish to remain in nature. As a visitor, make sure to book a stay at the Anantara Sir Ban Yas Island Resort, which will make you end up right close to the Arabian Wildlife park. Being home to over 13,000 animals, visitors to this place can enjoy safaris to witness the array of species residing here. The animals roam around openly and go through effective reproducing programs, making this an ideal spot for animal and nature lovers.  

The Green Planet  

Who might have speculated that one of the country's most many-sided biological systems was situated within a dome? The Green Planet, located in metropolitan Dubai, permits guests to see an indoor rainforest. With more than 3,000 animals and plants coming directly from spots, including South America, the venue provides guests with the opportunity to learn through educational signs and, surprisingly, even touching some of the animals here. This will be an extraordinary experience for travelers in the UAE.   

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Finding places that cater to our need to surround ourselves with the whole aura of nature in today's day and age is quite a difficult task to think of, seeing how modernity is booming as we progress each day. And talking about modernity, there are only a few places out there that match the UAE's level. A place that is an ideal spot for a vacation to live and see high-end skyscrapers, shopping, experience vibrant city life, and whatnot, one may not term UAE as a nature-centric place. 
Even though UAE is not nature-centric, it has spots that will be an ideal visit for any nature enthusiast wishing to seek a stay while in the country. If you want to know just that through this article, you are now aware of the best places to visit in the UAE, being a nature connoisseur. Again don't forget to visit Uaevisaonline for fulfilling UAE visa needs.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a land largely arid, having vast deserts characterized by dunes, oases, rocky mountains, marshes, and mangroves with salt plains.  



The greenest place to be found in the UAE is Al Ain.   

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