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best corner coffee shops in uae

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The coffee pot has been a symbol of generosity in the UAE for a long time. A variant of Arabic coffee found in the Middle East is being practiced by the UAE. 'Qahwa', the Arabic word for coffee, and 'majlis', translated as a 'sitting spot', form a significant function that welcomes guests, administrative meetings, and religious ceremonies, as well as public functions. Here's a list of some of the best corner coffee shops in UAE, mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Today, the UAE is one of the most developed markets for coffee shops in the Middle East, with Dubai being a focal point for coffee innovation in the country.


UAE is famous for its popular tourist destinations, but one should not miss the chance to try coffee from some of the most famous coffee shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Let's take a look at them:

Boon Coffee, Dubai

Boon Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Dubai, owned by Ethiopia, showcasing quality farm-sourced beans. It is an organic specialty coffee roaster, offering Ethiopia's 100% pure single-origin, Arabica coffee beans. The coffee they serve is perfect for those looking for the original and rich coffee flavor. It originally began as a small coffee roaster but has grown to be one of the leading coffee roasters in the city providing coffee to high-end restaurants and cafes in the last six years.

Spill the Bean, Dubai

This little coffee shop has a nice corner in the Sustainable City. With spacious seats and floor-to-ceiling windows, Spill the Bean is a perfect place to work. A pioneer of third-wave concepts in the city, Spill The Bean is an independent Mom & Pop specialty coffee shop.

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Daily Dose Coffee, Dubai

This coffee shop is tucked away across the road from Mercato Mall in a villa in Jumeirah 1. It's a quiet place where you can read, work, or simply watch a TV show. They have iced lattes and milkshakes with a nice variety of high-quality specialty coffee. They also have an extensive menu of food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their breakfast specialty is their Benedict eggs in croissants.

Neighbors Dubai

 Another 'hidden away' coffee shop, Neighbors is a gourmet toast and specialty coffee shop. A mixture of dark cement walls and floors with hanging greenery, potted plants, and succulents are features of the Industrial-chic Neighbors Cafe. Tempting pastries, desserts, and bakes, plus specialty coffee and professional baristas, are seen in an eye-catching bar area. There are two open windows at the back of the room where you can watch the bakers in action and, there is a bread corner so that you can buy a slice.

Amongst Few Cafe, Dubai

This amazing café, built by sneaker lovers in Dubai, is one of the best places in the area. This cafe serves fantastic coffee and lattes. The cafe features cement and breeze block walls, counters, and floors, as well as steel and natural wood wrapped within a raw and open ceiling with visual arts. Coffee and subsequent additions include, among the few cafes, a popular traditional name in premium organic fair trade coffee originating directly from the Kaffa province of Ethiopia and locally roasted in the UAE.

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Pastryology, Dubai

Situated in the best-preserved hidden spot in Dubai, the Marina Cubes leisure destination, Pastryology is a newly opened coffee shop with unique coffee drinks and delicious mini cakes. The shop is designed in a container and painted in the most beautiful pastel colors. It has uninterrupted sea views and is all-around spectacular to look at.

Alchemy Dubai

Located in a large and beautiful villa in Jumeirah Alchemy, this place is a home-grown coffee shop where coffee is imported from a single ethical farm. Space itself is the ideal background for your aesthetic pictures. It feels like you're in your stylish home away from home, with geometric marble counters and trendy light wood furniture, and of course, great coffee. It has a swimming pool too.

Boston Lane, Dubai

This cafe is one of Dubai's hidden gems in terms of cafes. Owned by Australian expats and influenced by Melbourne's coffee lane culture, Boston Lane is tucked away in Courtyard, Al Quoz, and boasts great coffee. This place is a perfect location for aesthetic pictures and their specialty is a latte.

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Drop Dubai

 It's a cool, contemporary coffee cafe. It's got a hip vibe. Wooden countertops, marble tables, and branding really make the place luxurious. It's one of those hardcore coffee spots. You're not going to find any other drinks, and their dessert menu is massive and pairs well with the drink offering. Their Spanish latte is a favorite amongst the crowd. The place gets pretty busy, so head there early to enjoy sipping your coffee at a comfortable table.

Blacksmith Coffee Company, Abu Dhabi

The open-plan and minimalist design style of Blacksmith Coffee Company underscores the fact that it is a no-fuss café with a relatively simple focus: locally roasted coffee. Situated on the grounds of NYU Abu Dhabi, the friendly, casual shop is owned and operated by a group of former students whose love of coffee brought them together.

Cafe Arabia, Abu Dhabi

Cafe Arabia has a chic, Arab-style atmosphere with lanterns, cozy sofas, wall art, culturally-inspired bookshelves, and an open-air rooftop lounge. They serve traditional Middle Eastern breakfast dishes, sweet treats, lunch, and dinner, as well as great Turkish coffee and fragrant cappuccino dishes which makes this renowned café a must-visit shop for hearty refreshment.

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Rain Cafe, Abu Dhabi

 Bright, breezy, and homegrown, Rain Cafe is a compact coffee place, tiny in size but big in personality. The funky interiors, which have lighting that looks like clouds, give the room a sense of escape. Drinks include the highly popular Spanish latte, along with reliable classics such as lattes, cold brews, espressos, and cappuccinos.

Now with some of the best corner coffee shops in UAE, you can plan your brunch without any hassles! 

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