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beaches in uae for tourists

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Western Asia is home to the United Arab Emirates, sometimes known as the Emirates. It shares land borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia and marine borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. It is situated near the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. UAE is a stunning country, and millions of people travel there every year with friends and family. If we speak about fun activities, malls, or beaches, there are a ton of locations in the UAE to visit. There are over 40 beaches in the UAE, thus there is no lack of beaches there. Today in this article, we are going to read about the best beaches to explore in the UAE. To obtain your visa on time, you can visit Uaevisaonline


Best Beaches To Visit In UAE

  • Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

The Jumeirah Beach, which spans along the picturesque shore of the Al Faihidi area, is considered to be one of Dubai's most attractive beaches. Some of the most picturesque and opulent resorts to experience leisure and take in the surrounding coastal beauty can be found on this white sand beach. The sun loungers here provide a peaceful day away from the bustle of a busy beach.

  • Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi 

Another paradise is Abu Dhabi's Corniche Beach, which has been awarded the blue flag. The Corniche is a family attraction that provides tourists with some exhilarating experiences and a day packed with fun for the kids. It is situated in the nicest beach city in the UAE. Corniche Beach is split into parts, segregating space for the general public, leisure seekers, lone tourists, and families without restricting its border to families.

The beach has added bike tours, restaurants, and lounges to its list of activities while still providing you with the greatest amenities. By visiting adjacent UAE sites like the Marina Mall or the Presidential Palace, one may even prolong their stay.

  • Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach in Dubai is the first beach cited while discussing the best beaches in the United Arab Emirates. Other names for it include Black Palace Beach, Secret Beach, and Hidden Beach. The beach is a hidden treasure that can be reached by a winding sandy path that passes past the opulent Al Sufouh and is perched between the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah Island.

Al Sufouh Beach is a great area for kids and swimmers since the water there is shallow, making swimming and other water activities safe and enjoyable. Enjoy the peace as you stare out over the Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. The colours of the red night spread across the still ocean, giving off a magnificent and seductive appearance.

  • Ghantoot Beach 

Ghantoot Beach, one of the greatest private beaches in the UAE, is the perfect location for some exclusive beach gatherings. The beach provides guests with a getaway from the hustle and bustle so they may experience luxury. Enjoy the peace for the day or spice up your vacation by doing every water activity you can think of.

Barbecues, volleyball nets, watercraft, and other activities are available. One of the top hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirates is home to Ghanoot Beach. enabling you to experience luxury and pleasure.


  • Sunset Beach Dubai 

The beach, which is next to the Jumeirah Beach hotel, is well-liked by locals and visitors for strolling or morning and evening runs. Sunset Beach in Dubai is a popular destination for recreation because of the palm greenery, gardens, and tranquil beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, the view of this beach in Dubai is enhanced by the skyscrapers and the plush sand carpet, luring every tourist. Swim or simply unwind on the white beach while taking in the tranquillity.

  • Kite Beach 

The kite beach is one of Dubai's most stunning and secret beaches, drawing hundreds of tourists each year. As the name suggests, kitesurfing is one of the extreme activities you can practice on this beach in Dubai. Thousands of kitesurfers in their vibrant gear may be seen on the ocean's deep turquoise waves. Even sports like beach volleyball, beach tennis, and kayaking are available to you.

  • 4X4 Beach

On your beach vacations in the United Arab Emirates, you may check out 4X4 Beach. The beach is ideal for relaxing since it looks out over the seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, a popular tourist destination in Dubai. Even though there isn't much to do here, you may pass the time by bringing your badminton or football equipment.


  • Mercato Beach 

Although this coastline may seem modest in comparison to others, Mercato is nicely furnished with every amenity. In addition to the best mall in Dubai, the Mercato Shopping Mall, which is quite close by, there are bean bags and tables that are lit up for the evening. The beach is the ideal place for everyone to spend some quality time because of its tranquil beauty. You may run on the tracks and read at the library. At one of the kiosks positioned all along the beach, you can even buy food.

  • Aquaventure Beach 

Aquaventure is more than just a beach in the United Arab Emirates; it's the best theme park for all of your Dubai adventures. For guests of all ages, the park offers a broad variety of exciting activities. Locals and tourists alike are well aware of this wonderful beach as the location of the renowned adventure park "Aquaventure." Every family and child is invited to the beach for unlimited pleasure. You may take part in activities like splashers, river rafting, and more. You can enjoy a lot more attractions at the waterpark.

  • Royal Island Beach 

You may experience some of the greatest adventures and activities at the beach club, a private beach. One may spend a whole day full of excitement and enjoyment thanks to the restaurant, pool, chalet, outdoor eating area, and two beaches. The Royal Island beach club is the ideal location for all of your weekend activities and events, whether it be a beach party or a day trip with your family. At this exclusive beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you may purchase your favourite food and beverages.



This article was about the best beaches to explore in the UAE and has all the related information about it. In this article, we have discussed some of the best beaches of UAE as some beaches are already famous while some beaches are not that famous but amazing. Other than beaches, there are too many other places to visit in the UAE. To obtain your UAE visa, you can visit Uaevisaonline

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Frequently Asked Questions

The beaches in the United Arab Emirates provide their visitors with tranquil landscapes that include long expanses of sand, beautiful sunsets, and peaceful sunrises. The upper sea is accompanied by the calming sounds of gentle waves lapping. The beautiful vacation locations to relax and enjoy are the beaches in the UAE.

Swimming after dusk has never been permitted in Dubai due to safety reasons. However, Umm Suqeim Beach 1 has taken a clever step to permit swimming in the dark. Two "Smart Poles" have been added to the beach's equipment.

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