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13 Places To Visit In Ajman Offering The Best Of Dubai In 2024!

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Although the Emirates of Ajman and Umm Al-Quwain are not very popular for sightseeing options, they have several tourist-attracting points you cannot take off your list. Ajman has excellent white sand beaches that are very popular with windbreakers from Dubai looking for a quiet place to relax and get some sites that are within and still untouched by humans. They are the perfect place for someone who wants to explore the UAE’s history and culture. Let us look at the places you must visit to experience natural beauty. 

Best Places To Visit In Ajman

1. Ajman Beaches

Luxurious hotel with their private patch of white science covers the coastline all around this place. These are known for seven of the prettiest beaches in the United Arab Emirates. This is a great time when you are looking for some good Sun and sand relaxation time. The best thing is that if you are not staying in the hotel, you can also enjoy the be and use the hotel facilities by paying a day pass fee. However, a public beach is also present around the edge of The Town centre. Nothing can beat these beaches if you want a lazy day of relaxation. 

2. Ajman Museum

The first line of Defense of this place in the 18th century, the Fortress, is now the city's central Museum. The main focus of this Museum is to showcase the traditional lifestyle of locals and the dioramas of typical day-to-day life. It also has a great gallery that showcases archaeological finds from nearby sites. This is an important place for all history lovers. There are also documents, photos and many official manuscripts tracing the founding of this place as an Emirates. 
This place was the ruler’s palace and later became the city's police station. The main archaeological features of this Fort are two wind Towers, two watch Towers, and a Grand gateway that have two cannons. 

3. Ajman Dhow Building Yard

The dhow yard on the Northside of Ajman is considered the world's largest dhow building centre, and it is one of the most popular sightseeing areas of the place. Dhows are built using traditional tools and the skill set of a manual person that have been handed down from generations without any kind of blueprints present. It also crafts the speedster that participates in the Dubai powerboat meets. Around 20 to 30 boats are built at one time, and anyone who loves ancient craft should check this place out. 

4. Mowaihat

It is an archaeological site on Ajman city's outskirts, discovered in 1986. This place was found when the workers were playing the new seepage five of the town, and a circular type Tomb was covered, which was later rescued with excavation commencement. 
Several examples of soft stone-painted tombs and ceramic vessels were uncovered. More than 3000 B stamp seals, several copper implements and several skeletons of several people are found there. At the discovery of this place, the Tomb was the first evidence of Umm al Nar, whose occupation is tilted more towards the Northern Emirates. Further findings on the Gulf Coast at Al Sufouh, Tell Abraq, and Shimal has been helpful in the identification of other significant sites of this period. Those who are interested in archaeology must visit this site. 

5. Ajman City Center

It is a bit sleepy place when compared to other cities of UAE. Archaeological discoveries and their frequency show evidence that the city was significant in the bronze age settlement. The city's port is set along a creek that divides the town into two parts and has pleasant shoreside places mixing in with white sand beaches. ubstialThere are mountain villages of Manama with its small Fort known for its colourful marble is also very close to this place. You must go there to experience the beauty of nature.
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