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In UAE Visa: Can You Explore Abu Dhabi?

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We are quite aware that Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates and along with that it is also the second most populated city. This beautiful city of Abu Dhabi is located on the Persian Gulf. UAE’s large hydrocarbon wealth comes from Abu Dhabi. In fact, there is Also another surprise that is Abu Dhabi holds 9% of the world’s proven oil reserves and 5% of the world natural gas. Extraction of gas is not done without difficulties. Now the government of Abu Dhabi is thinking of expanding the business from oil and gas reserves to focusing more on the tourism purposes. Many Hollywood films choose Abu Dhabi or UAE as their filming destinations. Dubai which is a neighbour to Abu Dhabi gets more Attention  But in these years Abu Dhabi has also got much attention from the tourists who are travelling to UAE. We also know that Dubai is a ultra modern city and has all the skyscrapers nicely designing the skyline and giving it a different look. Abu Dhabi is no less with its culture and traditions.

Wherever you want to go in the world you require a visa. If you want to travel to any of the country be it USA or London or UAE you should have a legal visa so that you can travel to the place without any hassles.

Yes if you have an UAE visa you can visit Abu Dhabi since Abu Dhabi and Dubai both are itself in the country of United Arab Emirates.

You can definitely visit or plan to go to Abu Dhabi if you are an UAE national. You can also go to Abu Dhabi even if you are UAE resident but you should be registered with ICA. You will be eligible for the visa on arrival. A prearranged visa which will be issued from any Emirate in the UAE can also be held by you. 

If you are already staying in UAE and your tourist visa has expired or your resident card has expired then you can apply for renewal of the visa or even apply for the long-term tourist visa single entry. You can definitely apply for the tourist visa while you are already staying in UAE to avoid any kind of illegal complications. Once your visa gets approved you need to follow the other proceedings. At Etihad Airways Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, you will also need to complete the status change application.  The processing time of the visa is three to four business days and the application fee And other charges that is taken for the visa application is non-refundable. 


Types of Visas available for UAE

What type of visa you will be applying for depends totally on your duration of the stay in UAE.

  • Transit visa- This visa is mainly issued to those passengers who wants to go to a 3rd destination via the Abu Dhabi International Airport and this visa has the validity of eight hours to four calendar days. This transit visa is a single-entry visa and the cost of this visa is 50 AED. 
  • Tourist Visa – This visa is mainly issued to those persons who are planning to spend their quality time and their holidays in Abu Dhabi or they even may plan to visit their family and friends in Abu Dhabi. Tourist visa is mainly of two types. They are - a single entry and multiple entry. The validity for both the Types of tourist visas is 60 days. The cost for single entry visa is 350 AED and the multiple entry visa is 650 AED. 
  • Long Term Tourist Visa Single Entry - This special type of visa that is a long term tourist visa and is also a single entry one which provides The tourists the opportunity to spend more than 30 days in the country, UAE. You can extend this visa may be extended twice for 30 days and each time you want to extend the duration of the stay in UAE, the cost of extending the visa is AED 960 and the validity of the visa is for 60 days. 
  • Service Visa Single Entry – The validity of this kind of visa is 14 days and the cost of the visa is AED 400. This is mainly for the people who come to UAE for their service or work related activities.


Documents required for applying a visa to UAE

  • You must have a passport which should have the validity period of at least six months and you should also notice that the passport should have the first page of  and the last page blank. 
  • You should also have a scanned colour copy of your photograph provided that it is a very recent one and that should have 80% face coverage. 
  • If you want you can also bring your copy of airline tickets as a proof to show your duration of the stay in UAE. 
  • You can also show your hotel bookings or the place that you will be residing in duration the stay of UAE. 
  • You should keep with yourself the bank statements for at least three months so that you have no problem while you are residing in UAE or issuing a visa for extension. 
  • You must show your completed application form

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